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Frequently Asked Questions Village of Dorchester

1. When are the Monthly Board Meetings?
The Village Board Meeting is held the first Wednesday of each month at the Clerk/Treasurer’s office at 250 Parkside Drive at 7pm (unless otherwise specified).  You may obtain a copy of the agenda 24 hours in advance by coming into the Clerk's office to request a copy, or you may call and we will email a copy to you.  

2. When are water/sewer/garbage bills sent out, and when are they due?                                            Water/sewer/garbage bills go out quarterly, approximately 1 week after the end of the quarter.  You can expect to receive your 1st quarter bill (for Jan-Feb-March) in early April, 2nd quarter (April, May, June) in early July, etc.   The bills are due the 10th of the following month (May 10th for first quarter, August 10th for 2nd quarter, etc.)   A 3% late fee is assessed after the due date, and disconnect notices will be sent.   If you are having trouble paying your water/sewer/garbage bill, please contact the Clerk's office to enter into a payment plan. 

2. How do I pay my real estate taxes before Jan 31st?
You can pay in person at the Village Clerks office (there is a drop box for after-hours), or mail your payment(s) to 250 Parkside Drive, Dorchester WI 54425.   AFTER January 31, you must mail your payment to the county in which you reside.   In Clark County, mail to:  Clark County Treasurer, 517 Court Street, Room 302, Neillsville, WI 54456.   There are also pre-addressed envelopes available in the Clerk's office.   For Marathon County, mail to:  Marathon County Treasurer, 500 Forest Street, Wausau, WI 54403.

3. When is the burn site open?
The burn site is open daily from 6AM-10PM.  It is located on  W. 3rd Avenue  by the 6th Street intersection near the mobile home court in the Village.  The burn site is for YARD WASTE ONLY; please obey the restrictions noted on site.  The site is video monitored by the Village.

4. What is the schedule for garbage pick-up and and recycling?
Pickup is curbside on Wednesday mornings.  If a holiday falls on or before a Wednesday, the pickup will be on Thursday.  The Village contracts with Advanced Disposal for residential pickup.  Please contact the Clerk’s Office (715) 654-5006 or Advanced Disposal (888) 271-7176 for a copy of the recycling and garbage guidelines.

5. What are the policies regarding stray dogs?
At this time please contact the Village President, Kurt Schwoch at 715-654-5231.

6. Is there an existing policy regarding Winter Street Parking?
Ordinance 106 states there is no parking on Village streets between the hours of 2AM-7AM, from November 15 - April 15th

7. When are sidewalks shoveled for snow?
Sidewalks are to be shoveled within 48 hours of a measurable snowfall.  The Village employees do their best to clear sidewalks within the Village, but the responsibility is the homeowners if they are unable to clear yours.  Please see Ordinance #109.

8. How do I rent picnic tables at the park?
You can call 715-654-5098.  A $2 per table charge needs to be paid before picking up the tables.  New steel legged tables at the Park and tables by the ball diamond are not to be removed.  Tables will only be rented to park members.

9. Does the Village have a severe weather shelter open to the public?
In cases of severe weather, people living in the trailer court, in homes without basements, or campers in the Park, can go to the St. Louis Catholic Church basement on CTH A/Center Avenue.   Several responsible members of the community have keycards to access the facility and will open the church in case of severe storm or tornado warnings. 

10. Where can I get park membership application forms?
Membership applications are available from the Dorchester Park Board.

11. Who do I contact if I want to rent Park Shelters?
For information about renting Park Shelters, please contact Grace Dietel at 715-654-5867.

12. How do I rent the Village Hall?
For information about renting the Village Hall, please contact the Clerk/Treasurer at 715-654-5006.

13. How do I rent the Memorial Hall?
The Village leases Memorial Hall and Bowling Alley annually.  For Dance Hall rental please contact Jenny Hinker at (715) 223-5688.

14. When do I require a building permit and how does it work?
A building permit is required when the dollar amount of material and labor exceeds $1500.  Residing, reshingling, finishing of interior surfaces and installation of cabinetry is exempt from the Uniform Dwelling Code.  Blacktop, cement driveways, etc. require a permit if material and labor exceeds $1500.  Building permits should be obtained prior to starting a project.  The permits are valid for 12 months, but work must be started within 6 months of issuance.  The building inspector or police officer will halt any project without a proper permit.  All projects must meet the zoning code ordinance and the UDC ordinance.   To print a copy of the building permit application, see the 'Forms & Permits' tab on the left side of this page.