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Sometime during the early months of 1934; businessmen of the Dorchester
community got together and discussed the possibility of starting an organization
that would benefit their investment in the business world and at the same time
provide additional benefits to the Dorchester area consumers. Discussions started
slow and then near mid year; they began to increase and as they increased more
and more businessmen joined the discussions and finally on November 23, 1934; a
meeting was called and the rest was history.

The headlines of the Dorchester Weekly Clarion read as follows:
Elect Club Officers At Meeting Tuesday
The annual meeting of the Commercial Club was held Tuesday evening at the
Paulson Garage hall and the following officers were elected.
President: M.D. Nedry ----- Vice President: Max E. Vircks ----Treasurer
Dr. F.P. Foley ----- Secretary: Peter Beck ----- Trustee for three years:
E.G. Beisner. Following the election of officers, a business meeting was held
with M.D. Nedry presiding. A committee composed of the officers of the club was
instructed to draw up a constitution and by laws which are to be submitted for the
approval of the club at the next meeting. A committee of four; E.R. Erickson,
G,H, Rutzky, George LeClaire and L.C. Franzen was appointed by the president to
investigate the possibility of having a free moving picture show for the public.
The committee in charge of the Christmas program in the past years was asked to
arrange for such a program for the coming season. A suggestion was made, that
the club sponsor the city team for the coming season.
From now on until further notice, the club will meet semi monthly, the first and
third Tuesday of each month. The place of meeting will be changed from time to
time, as it is planned to hold club meets in the various church dining rooms and
other available places about town.
The next meeting will be held at Paulson’s garage on Dec. 4. Everybody is
welcome to attend these meetings and as Mr. Nedry said; the ultimate result is to
obtain a good will spirit in Dorchester and the surrounding farm community.

December 7, 1934 ----- Club Sponsors Xmas Decorating, Program
The Commercial Club met at the Block Hotel Tuesday evening for a
6:30 dinner and meeting following, at which about 25 of the business people were
present. Immediately following the dinner, the club was entertained by the high
school glee club, under the direction of Miss Manney. They sang three selections
which were very well received by the men.

The business meeting was opened with a report by the Christmas program
committee. The usual Christmas program will be given shortly before Christmas
for the children of Dorchester Country. The committee suggested that each
business place put up a small lighted Christmas tree before their place of business
and so add to the spirit of the season. A report by the committee on free movies
showed that the majority are in favor of sponsoring this throughout the winter.
The work of getting this is not completed and as yet it is not definite how soon
the free movies will begin. There being no further business, the meeting was
adjourned. Following the meeting, the proposed constitution of the club, as
drawn up by the officers, was read by President Nedry and on motion was
adopted. All those wishing to do so were asked to sign the constitution and
fifteen members responded.
Officials of the city basketball team met with the officers of the club for a
discussion of the question of whether or not the club should sponsor the team.
The members of the team were in favor of this and it was decided they would
wear emblems, to be furnished by the club, on their sweaters. The management
of the team was left to Lloyd D. Sorenson and coaching to E.G. Fritsch.
The club meeting was well attended considering the weather and road conditions
and at the next meeting on December 18th, it is hoped that even a better turn out
will be made.

December 21, 1934 ----- Commercial Club meets at St. Louis Auditorium
Tuesday evening’s meeting of the Commercial Club at St. Louis auditorium was
the largest held yet and all felt well repaid for attending. The committee on free
movies reported everything in readiness to begin after the holidays and the
committee on the santa program reported everything ready for Saturday’s event
and offered a financial report in column 2. Mr. Rogan’s address was well
received. The supper prepared by the Catholic ladies was very tasty as attested
by its rapid disappearance.
The community Santa Claus program and distribution of sacks of candy will start
at 3 P.M. this Saturday afternoon. Several selections of the girl’s chorus will
precede Santa’s visit.
The following is the report of the committee in charge of the Santa Claus
program, showing the receipts and expenditures. The committee is composed of
S.C. Sorenson, Dr. A.W. Schief and F.V. Hiebsch. The report is as follows:

$5.00 — Dorchester Co-op Co. — Rutzkys
$3.00 — O & N Lumber Co. – Sauter Bros. Flour and Feed
Erickson Hdw. Co. — Dorchester State Bank
$2.00 — M.J. Weix Drug Store — L.C. Franzen Store — Edgar Paulson Garage —
Genrich Implement Co. — A. Siegert Tavern — Block Hotel and Tavern — E.
Fuchsgruber, Undertaking
$1.50 — Sebold Garage
$1.25 — Buehrens Tin Shop
$1.00 — Schmitt Merc. Co. — Carl Mertens Tavern — Rudy Ulrich Tavern —
A. Premeau Restaurant — Peter Miller tavern — Richard Schreiber Market —
Max E. Vircks Barber Shop — F.A. Hunt — W.R. Monroe — M.F.lawrie, E.G. Beisner
— S.C. Sorenson — F.V. Hiebsch, Dr. A.W. Schief — Dr. F.P. Foley —
R.W. Hugoboom, Clarion.
50 Cents — Harry Garbisch
30 Cents — I.R. Sauter, Barber Shop
25 Cents — Otto Heidke
Total Amount Collected $55.80
Dorchester Co-op Co. — 200 lbs. Peanuts — $18.00 – 1 Pail Candy $3.00
G.H. Rutzky’s Store — 7 Pails of Candy — $20.00 —1300 Paper Bags $1.00
L.C. Franzen Store — 4 Pails of Candy — $13.80
Total Amount Paid Out — $55.80
January 11th, 1935 ------ Commercial Club is Entertained At Block — Damon, Guest
Speaker, Keeps Club in Uproar With Good Line of Stories, Impersonations
Tuesday evening the commercial club was entertained at the Block Hotel and a
good rousing meeting was held and several new names were added to the charter.
The guest speaker of the evening was Arthur Damon, teacher at the Medford High
School, who entertained the bunch with a line of stories, incidents and
impersonations extremely comical and witty, a decided change from the serious
talks heard before, that put everybody in a more happy and social mood.
Mr. E.O. Emmons, with the Ladysmith news was also present and talked briefly of
a community calendar, submitting several samples.

Coach E.O. Fritsch displayed a couple of the new sweat shirts purchased by the
merchants, having the name of the donor on the back and the Commercial Club
emblem on the left front side and the word “Aces” staggering across the right
front side of the garments. Mr. Fritsch hoped that those who had not been given
a chance to help in equipping the team with shirts would not feel hurt as only a
few were needed and everyone approached on the subject responded so promptly
and willingly that the order was filled before all could be interviewed. On behalf
of the Aces he thanked the club for sponsoring the team this year and the
merchants for their splendid support.
A committee consisting of F.V. Hiebsch, S.C. Sorenson and L.C. Franzen with
President M.D. Nedry as ex-officio member was appointed to draft a form of
business practices to be reported at the next meeting on January 22nd.
The club under the able guidance and direction of its president,
Mr. Nedry is becoming a forceful factor in the village and with the shoulder of
each member against the wheel pushing in unison, we believe much good can be
accomplished for the village and Dorchester Country. Aren’t there some others
who would like to join in these movements; just come to the next meeting and
see for yourself what we are doing.

January 25, 1935 ---- Two Guest Speakers At Commercial Meet ----
G.W. La Pointe, O & N General Manager and L.C. Luhrsen - Speakers
About 25 attended the Commercial Club meeting at the Block Hotel last Tuesday
evening. Guest speakers of the evening were L.C. Luhrsen district manager of the
Northern States Power Co. At Abbotsford and G.W. La Pointe, general manager of
the O & N Lumber Co. Mr. Luhrsen who is leaving for Blair, Wis. To take up
similar duties with the Northern States there, gave a farewell address to the
Dorchester people, thanking them for the courtesy and cooperation shown him in
his dealings in this community as representative of the Northern States Power Co.
The members of the club wished him abundant success in his new territory.
G.W. La Pointe, the next speaker of the evening, outlined the National Housing
act in an interesting 30 minute talk. He explained as fully as possible in that short
time, the three divisions into which the act is divided: 1. Remodeling repairs 2.
New construction 3. Material. The main objects of the Housing Act are to create
re-employment and solve the major housing problem facing this country. Mr. La
Pointe, in closing his talk, touched briefly on the importance of community
The business meeting followed Mr. La Pointe’s talk. The club motioned to have a
petition made up and sent to the Governor, asking that the one half mile of
country truck “A” between the village and highway 13 be blacktopped.

The shows given by the Dahl players will be continued through the winter, giving
Dorchester Community a first class entertainment every Saturday afternoon,
The next meeting of the club to be held at the St. Louis Church parlors Feb. 5th,
will be Ladies Night. Every member is to invite his wife or sweetheart. A large
meeting is expected and entertainment will be furnished for all.
February 8, 1935 ------ Hirsch Is Speaker At Commercial Banquet
Members of the Dorchester Commercial Club, their wives and friends were
entertained at a 6:30 dinner in the St. Louis Catholic church hall Tuesday evening.
Covers were laid out and the ladies of the St. Louis church served.
Following the dinner, a program was presented during which the high school Boys
Chorus and Girls Chorus sang selections, under the direction of Miss Lucienne
Manney. Miss Manney sang “Roses of Picardy” and “School Days” and Mrs. E.G.
Fritsch did two chalk sketches while singing “Trees” and “The House On The Other
Side of The Road”. Dr. A.W. Schief acted as toastmaster and Mr. Hirsch,
Superintendent of Marathon Community Schools, gave an excellent talk on
various phases of education. The remainder of the evening was spent at cards
with Mrs. F.V. Hiebsch winning the 500 prize, Mrs. Wm. Sedlack and Albert Nixdorf
winning Pinochle prizes and A.P. Gessert and F.A. Hunt winning prizes in Skat.
February 22, 1935 — Dorchester Merchants To Sponsor Advertising Bargains in
Trade Area
Realizing the need for cooperative advertising and a regular medium through
which to notify their customers in the Dorchester trading area of the values being
offered at Dorchester, the Dorchester merchants organized this past week to
begin a regular and extensive advertising campaign. This week’s Clarion carries a
full page of advertising from Dorchester merchants and definite plans have been
laid to continue this form of advertising each week in the Clarion.
This campaign is not being instigated to flood Dorchester farms men with a
continuous stream of ballyhoo; its express purpose is to bring to each farm home
the specials which Dorchester merchants are offering their customers to help
them solve buying problems by buying more at a lower cost. Turn to the back
page and look over the lists of merchandise offered. You will see many articles
needed daily in the home and on the farm. You will see prices that fit your

For some time merchants have realized the advantages that Dorchester can offer
to its trading area and this is their conclusion; that by bringing you a consistent
list of home and farm supplies each week regularly, they are giving you an
opportunity to check your want list with their merchandise and plan your buying
more systematically. Ideas are prevalent that a larger city offers better bargains
but we agree with the Dorchester merchants that it will be hard to find better
bargains than they are offering without the additional cost of driving from 50 to
100 miles. The banner line across the top of the back page is the slogan of every
merchant in the village of Dorchester and they are putting forth every effort to
make each of you feel and know by experience that Dorchester is
“A Good Place To Trade In”.
In connection with this campaign, the Clarion is running a special that you really
can’t afford to miss. By coming in to the office when you are in town, you can
subscribe to the Clarion for 50 cents for a whole year. If you are already a
subscriber and your subscription is paid up for to any month of the year, 50 cents
will give it to you for another year. If you are in arrears, pay up the back
subscription and take advantage of this wonderful offer. It will insure your
getting a copy every week of the specials run in our columns by the wide-awake
Dorchester merchants. And remember, Dorchester: A Good Place To Trade In.

March 1, 1935 ----- Merchants Campaign In Full Swing
The Merchants Advertising campaign which got under way last week is getting a
real start and this week finds many new sponsors and merchants listed. Each of
these merchants invites you to visit Dorchester and visit their business
establishment regardless of how much or how little you purchase. Dorchester
wants to be acquainted with its patrons and it wants to become friends of all
those who are not now patronizing Dorchester.
You will notice that all specials on the back page of advertising are being held
over for Monday to give you three full days of bargain trading, bargains that you
can’t beat in the long run. Dorchester merchants want to prove to you that you
can afford to buy in Dorchester and you can’t afford to buy elsewhere.
Incidentally, if you want the regular news of these specials hot each week, don’t
wait to borrow your neighbor’s paper, come in and subscribe for the Weekly
Clarion for yourself at the new low and amazing price offer. This offer will hold
only for a short time so take advantage of it when you come to Dorchester to do
your trading.

Remember the Jack and Kitty Daul Players, sponsored by the merchants appear
here every Saturday afternoon. And remember that Dorchester has a
Commercial Club that has organized the business men and helped show them the
way to consolidated and consistent advertising. The page of advertising is not
stopped this week or next; it is a regular feature of the Clarion and the
merchants way of letting you know what they are doing to solve your buying
problems. Remember: Dorchester Is a Good Place To Trade In.

March 8, 1935 ----- Mrs. Erickson Speaks At Commercial Club
The regular meeting of the Dorchester commercial club was held Tuesday
evening at the Block Hotel with about 20 members attending. Following the
dinner, Mrs. E.R. Erickson gave an interesting talk on the progress, aims and
ambitions of the Dorchester library and answered questions of club members
about the organization.
The next meeting of the club will be one of the highlights of the regular sessions
throughout the year; Boys Night. On this evening, which will be March 19th,
every member of the club is urged to attend and bring either his own son or
some other boy from the village. All members who haven’t been assigned some
boy are urged to get in touch with the secretary before the meeting. Fostering
the spirit of comradeship between fathers and sons, the meeting, which will be
held in the Little White church parlors, should prove highly successful and
beneficial. Every member is expected to be present.

March 22, 1935 ----- Boy’s Night Is Staged By Commercial Club
What proved to be one of the most successful meetings of the year took place at
the Little White church parlors Tuesday evening when the members of the
commercial club entertained the boys of the community at a “Boy’s Night”
banquet. Following the dinner which was served by the ladies of the Little
White church, each member introduced his guest. The program which followed
consisted or an oration “Who Bears the Burden of War” given by Duane Nedry,
short talks by M.D. Nedry and E.G. Fritsch, both commenting on the Dor-Hi
basketball team, members, who were guests of honor and an interesting talk on
“Playing the Game” by Rev. L.C. Smith, pastor of the Presbyterian church of
Abbotsford. About 60 men and boys attended the meeting. The next meeting
will be held Tuesday evening, April 2nd, at the Village Hall.
During the following months - the Weekly Clarion was not printed. It is believed
that financial problems for the editor were existent and thus the paper was put
up for sale. The next available printing of the weekly Clarion occurred in May of

May 22, 1936 – Commercial Club To Meet Tuesday Evening
The last meeting of the season for the Dorchester Commercial Club will be held
next Tuesday evening, May 26, at the St. Peter Lutheran church parlors at 6:30.
Wives and friends of the members will be the guests of the evening and an
excellent program is being planned for the evening.
October 2, 1936 ----- Second Meeting Of The Commercial Club Is Held
Twenty members of the Dorchester Commercial Club met at the Block Hotel
dining room Tuesday evening for their second meeting of the season. At the
business session which followed luncheon several projects for the coming year
was discussed, among which was planting of trees along county trunk A from the
village to the intersection with highway 13, one mile east of the village. The
next meeting of the club will be held on Tuesday evening, Oct. 13th.

November 30, 1937 ----- Commercial Club Will Meet Thursday Evening
Members of the Dorchester Commercial Club will hold their regular semi-monthly
meeting and supper Thursday evening in the dining room of the Block Hotel to
discuss topics of interest to the village and community. President S.C. Sorenson
states that arrangements also have been made to have a guest speaker attend
the meeting and talk to the members.
Among the topics that are expected to come up for discussion is the matter of
having snow fence placed on the town road south past memorial cemetery to
Laabs factory.
An invitation to businessmen and employees who are not members of the club to
attend the supper and meeting is extended by the officers.

December 28, 1937 ----- Commercial Club Will Elect 1938 Officers
Officers for 1938 will be named Thursday evening when members of the
Dorchester Commercial club meet at the Block Hotel at 6:30. A nominating
committee consisting of G.H. Rutzky, Dr. A.W. Schief and L.D. Sorenson has
been appointed by President S.C. Sorenson tp present names for club officers.
Present officers of the club are S.C. Sorenson, president; Rev. J. LeCount, vice
president; M.S. Sorenson, secretary; Wm Sedlack, treasurer; and Al Sauter, F.A.
Hunt and E.G. Beisner, trustees.

January 4, 1938 -- S.C. Sorenson Reelected Commercial Club President
S.C. Sorenson was reelected president, M.S. Sorenson secretary, Wm. Sedlack
treasurer at the annual meeting of the Dorchester Commercial club Thursday
evening at the Block Hotel meeting rooms. Bert Amacher was named vicepresident
and F.V. Hiebsch trustee for three years. A.L. Sauter and F.A. Hunt
are the other trustees.
The report of the Dorchester Commercial club for the past year was given by
J.E. Allar and copies of the report will be given each club member. J.E. Allar,
M.E. Vircks and Al Sauter were named to draw up a new scale of amounts to be
received from the individual members at the Dorchester day club for the coming
Other matters discussed at the meeting were: that the solicitor’s committee
draw up a resolution regarding the handling of out of town solicitors who enter
the village and present same at the next meeting and that a report of the
Christmas day committee be prepared.
E.F. Fuchsgruber, L.D. Sorenson and Clarence Vircks were named members of
the member-ship committee and F.V. Hiebsch, M.E. Vircks and F.A. Hunt were
named to make arrangements to hold a card party the evening of January 29, to
raise funds for the Warm Springs Foundation, in place of the usual president’s
birthday ball.
Similar card parties are expected to be held in various Clark County communities
that night with part of the receipts to be retained locally and part to be sent to
the foundation for treatment of infantile paralysis sufferers.

January 4, 1938 ----- Ladies Will Be Commercial Club Guests Jan.16
Wives of Dorchester Commercial club members or their lady friends will be
guests of the club on the next regular meeting date, Thursday evening, January
13, it was decided at the annual meeting of the club Thursday evening.
The meeting will be held at Recreation hall along with the installation of the
officers elected at Thursdays club meeting. Entertainment will be provided by a
committee consisting of M.E. Vircks, Ed.J. Werner and Clarence, who will also
be in charge of general arrangements for the evening.
January 11, 1938 ---- Ladies Will Be Club Guests At Thursday’s Meeting
Dorchester Commercial Club members will have as their guests at the regular
club supper and meeting Thursday evening their wives or lady friends. Following
the supper entertainment will be provided at Recreation Hall.

The regular supper will be served at the Block hotel, following which the party
will go to Recreation hall for the business meeting and entertainment. A short
program has been arranged to be given at the hall, including the installation of
new officers and dancing with music by Lindau’s orchestra will conclude the
evening’s entertainment.
The program as arranged by the committee, M.E. Vircks, Ed J.Werner and
Clarence Vircks will include: Music by the Little German band, whose members
are Robert Johnson, Wayne Ebert, Donald Paulson, Donald Schreiber and
Clarence Fenske.
Installation of officers: Selections of the high school girls sextet. Talk by Harry
Hutchinson, high school instructor: Solo by Mrs. Andrew Folstadt of Abbotsford.

January 18, 1938 ----- Club Members and Guests Enjoy Social Evening; Activities
of Year Reviewed
Fifty members of the Dorchester Commercial club and their lady guests enjoyed
a banquet at the hotel here Thursday evening, followed by entertainment and
dancing at Recreation hall.
The program at the hall, in charge of M.E. Vircks, chairman, featured a short talk
on “The Cooperation and Value of Civic Clubs” by harry Hutchinson, high school
instructor. Entertainment was provided by members of the high school girls glee
club, the Little German band and two solos were sung by S.J. Paynter,
Abbotsford high school principal.
Installation of officers by Mr. Vircks opened the evening’s program, followed by a
review of the activities of the club the past year by president S.C. Sorenson.
Officers installed were Mr. Sorenson, president; Bert Amacher, vice president;
M.S. Sorenson, secretary; Wm. Sedlack, treasurer; and F.V. Hiebsch, F.A. Hunt
and Al Sauter, trustees.
Mr. Paynter rendered the selections “At Dawning and Tommy Lad” accompanied
on the piano by Mrs. Paynter. Selections by the girls glee club under the
direction of Miss Maxine Mason and accompanied by Miss Jean Roycraft included
“Barcarolie, Jingle Bells and the Cradle Song”.
In his review of the activities of the club the past year President Sorenson
enumerated the major projects that were undertaken, including the sponsoring
of a carnival, basketball game, the Dorchester Day club, Santa Claus day and
stated that through efforts of the club a community newspaper is again being
published in the village.
Funds raised by the carnival were used to purchase uniforms and a drum for the
high school band and 144 trees were planted on both sides of the highway leading
into the village. Dorchester signs were also erected on Highway 13 near the
junction with county trunk A leading into the village.

On the occasion of the first Dorchester day, 450 persons registered in the various
business places and since that time a total of 2,500 have registered for the
weekly event. The Santa Claus day party, given in conjunction with the high
school children and faculty, found 700 children registering for the bags given
away that day.
Four social events were sponsored by the club including the entertainment of the
members of the city basketball team at a banquet, a boys night, a ladies night
and an old time dance.
During the course of the year, five speakers were heard at regular club meetings.
Mr. Halvorson of the state board of health spoke at a club meeting February 25,
Rev. J. Brandt of St. Peter’s church was guest speaker on the evening of March 8,
Mr. Waters of the state board of control addressed the members April 22, Rev. L.
Smith of Abbotsford was “boys night” speaker May 4 and Irvin C. Marquardt of
Wausau addressed the members December 2.
At the present time the club is cooperating in the staging of a president’s
birthday celebration to be held here January 28.
Following the program, dancing, featuring the introduction of
“The Big Apple” a new popular dance, was enjoyed with music by Lindau’s

February 1, 1938 ----- Five New Members Join Commercial Club At Thursday’s
Five new members were added to the membership list of the Dorchester
Commercial club at the regular meeting held Thursday evening. Joining the
organization were Oscar Laack, Arnold Baehr, Edgar Paulson, Donald Sauter and
the Block hotel.
Club committees to serve during the coming year were named by President S.C.
Sorenson as follows: Membership: E.J. Fuchsgruber, chairman, L.D. Sorenson,
Clarence M. Vircks; — Finance: Wm Sedlack, chairman, Albert Sauter, F.A. Hunt
and F. V. Hiebsch; — Village and Farm relations: Albert Sauter, chairman, Peter
Beck, Elmer Genrich, Henry A. Genrich, A.P. Muller, Arnold Baehr, M.F. Lawrie;
— Program: Dr. A.W. Schief, chairman, G.H. Rutzky, Ed. J. Werner, H.F.
Buehrens; Dorchester Day: G.H. Rutzky, chairman, Ed J. Werner, Andrew Kaiser,
Max E. Vircks, Edgar Paulson, Orvin frome; — Public Activities: Max E. Vircks,
chairman, Peter Beck, Bert Amacher, Edgar Paulson; — Health and Safety: Dr.
F.P. Foley, chairman, Dr. A,W. Schief, E.R. Erickson, Harold Martens; Sports and
Recreation: Durward McVey, chairman, Lester Vircks, Bert Amacher, E.G.
Beisner, Oscar Laack.

Dorchester Commercial club members at the regular meeting Thursday evening
voted to complete plans for the construction of a club house under the
supervision of Wm. Tischendorf of the Town of Holton. Definite plans will be
formulated by the club house committee, Peter Beck, Herbert Buehrens and
Oscar Laack, following the carnival to be held April 22 and 23. Proceeds from the
carnival will be placed in the club house fund.
Present plans call for a log building 24 x 40 feet, to be erected on a lot north of
the Paulson garage, with the club members to assist in the construction work.
Members of the Dorchester day club also discussed various regulations concerning
the special weekend event. They admitted two new members, Seidel Bros. and
Herman Kaage, and set one half mile from the village limits as the area in which
members must reside.
President S.C. Sorenson named Bert Amacher, Peter Beck and Dr. F.P. Foley
members of the committee to report on the possibility of supporting a four
number lyceum course during the coming school year.
To Entertain Basket ball Players — At the next meeting of the club April 12, the
members of the Aces basketball team will be entertained. Durward McVey,
Robert Johnson and Henry Hagen are members of the committee in charge of

May 24, 1938 — Club Members Will Hold Banquet and Dance June 16
Dorchester Commercial club members will hold their annual banquet and dance
Thursday, June 16 at which their wives and lady friends will be guests. In charge
of arrangements for that evening are Dr. A.W. Schief, Oscar Laack and Henry
At their regular meeting Thursday members also decided to hold meetings every
three weeks during the summer months following the ladies night evening.
President S.C. Sorenson named M.E. Vircks, Dr. A.W. Schief and Wm. Sedlack
members of a committee to investigate possible sites for the proposed club
The club also decided to sponsor a show and dance Friday, July 1 with Peter’s
Tyroleons, a German concertina troupe, providing the entertainment and music
for dancing.

November 1, 1938 ----- Begin Construction Of Club House In Village
Work was begun Tuesday afternoon on the club house of the Dorchester
Commercial club on the lot on South front street. Digging was started that day
by members or their helpers and forms for the foundation built.
The building will be 24 x 40 feet in size and of cedar pole construction. Work will
be in charge of of Wm. Tischendorf of the Town of Holton who will be assisted by
the various club members.
Concrete for the basement of the building was poured Friday under the supervision
of Frank Hollman and son Edward of the Town of Holton.
Members of the club building committee in charge of supervision work are Peter
Beck, Al Sauter and Herbert Buehrens.

December 20, 1938 ----- Ladies Will Be Guests of Club members Jan. 5
Members of the Dorchester Commercial club will entertain their wives or lady
friends at the next regular meeting of the club Thursday evening, Jan. 5.
President S.C. Sorenson announced at the meeting last Thursday. Arrangements
for the evening will be in charge of E.J. Fuchsgruber, Donald Sauter and O.C.
Installation of officers elected at the Dec. 1 meeting will also be held January 5.
New officers are Herbert Buehrens, President; Henry Hagen, Vice President; M.S.
Sorenson, Secretary; and G.H. Rutzky, trustee.
Arrangements for Santa Claus day were announced as completed by the chairman
of the various committees and reports were given by M.E. Vircks of the decorating
committee, Arnold Baehr, E.R. Erickson and Bert Amacher.
Named to assist committeemen, Dr. A.W. Schief, Durwald McVey and Herbert
Buehrens with arrangements for the minstrel show to be given during the month of
January were M.S. Sorenson, Oscar Laack, Peter Beck, S.C. Sorenson and E.J.
Other matters discussed: members who have articles of furniture or items for the
new club house were asked to notify Herbert Buehrens in order that same could be
collected. Legion Post No. 139 was granted use of the club house for their
monthly meetings and members were asked to cooperate with Manager C.M. Vircks
of Aces in booking a basketball game with some state professional team.

The first regular meeting for the year 1939 of the Dorchester Commercial club will
be held in the newly constructed club house Thursday evening, at which time
newly elected officers will be installed.

In addition to the installation of officers, wives and lady friends of club members
will be guests of the organization.
Arrangements for the evening are in charge of Committeemen
E.J. Fuchsgruber, O.C. Genrich and Donald Sauter. Officers who will be installed
are: Herbert Buehrens, president; Henry Hagen, vice president; M.S. Sorenson,
secretary; Peter Beck, treasurer; G.H. Rutzky, trustee.

March 14, 1939 ----- School Principals Commercial Club Guests Thursday
High school principals from Westboro, Colby, Abbotsford and Dorchester were
guests of the Dorchester Commercial club at the meeting Thursday evening which
brought out the largest crowd ever to attend a regular meeting.
The principals who met that afternoon at the high school to formulate plans for
this year’s forensic league contest were; Norbert Daul, Wesboro; Harry Bender,
Colby; S.J. Paynter, Abbotsford and Durward McVey, Dorchester.
Other guests included Donald Kraut who recently established a funeral home here,
B. Dayton Merriman, the new publisher of the Clarion and Geo. Walker of Thorp.
Mr. Walker, an adept pianist, rendered several selections on the piano which were
well received.
A discussion on holding free movies during the summer months held the interest of
the members during a large part of the evening.
President Herbert Buehrens appointed G.H. Rutzky, E.R. Erickson and
Ed. J. Werner members of the committee to report on same at the next club
meeting and also to report on the matter of the changing of store opening hours on
evenings of the week.
Joe Bauernfeind Jr., Wm. Jantsch and E.G. Beisner were named to act as
committee to formulate plans for a skat tournament next month. Members of the
supper committee at the next regular meeting March 23 are E.G. Beisner, F.V.
Hiebsch and C.M. Vircks.

March 21, 1939 ----- Commercial Club’s “Thirteen Men” To Present Play
Farce Comedy to be Given March 27th and 28th at Recreational Hall
On Monday and Tuesday evenings, March 27th and 28th, the Dorchester Commercial
Club will present an entire male cast (thirteen members) in the three act comedy
“Papa Behave” written by Austin Goetz.
Durward McVey, principal of the Dorchester public school, is coaching the
production and it promises to be one of the most laugh-provoking shows this
community has ever witnessed.
Perhaps some of the female population of Dorchester thinks that a play given by
men could not possibly be very good but here’s where they are entirely wrong.
The plot, which involves a father and his three sons, with the butler, the chef and
other good characters is a scream from start to finish. We can assure you that if
you miss attending this show, you will regret it the rest of your lives.

A last minute change in the cast of characters is that of Donald Kraut who takes
the part of Arthur Seamon, the family attorney, in place of Edward Schmid. The
other characters are: Robert Appleby, the eldest son by Peter Beck — Chas.
Appleby, the second son by Frank Hunt — Victor Appleby, the youngest son by
Robert E. Johnson — Dickens, the artful butler by M.S. Sorenson, whom we hear is
a regular “dickens” — Alexander Appleby, the dear dear father by O.A.Frome —
Otto Chug, a friend (indeed), by Joseph Bauernfeind Jr. — Rudolph, a facetious
chef by Glenn Misener — Harry Billings, an impulsive reporter by Lester H. Vircks —
Dr. Pinker, the family physician by Jerome Kronschnabl — Melchizadek by Dr. A.W.
Schief — Nebuchadnezzar by Garson H. Rutzky — Jehoshaphat by L.D. Sorenson.

March 30, 1939 ----- Commercial Club Holds regular Meeting
At its regular bi-monthly meeting last Thursday evening at the club house, the
Dorchester Commercial club were hosts to three members of the Aces basketball
team who came up from Stevens Point for the Aces Superior game. They were
Hank Nimz, Hank Warner and Tony Anderson.
Rutzky, Schief, Beisner and Hiebsch had charge of the dinner. The committee for
the next meeting will be O.C. Genrich, Al Sauter, Arnold Baehr and E. R. Erickson.
Henry Hagen presided in the absence of the pres., Herb Buehners. Alfred Hinke
was introduced as a new member.
Joe Bauernfeind reported that April 16th had been set as a tentative date for the
club’s scat tournament. Everyone will be asked to compete for cash prizes. The
entry fee and prizes will be announced soon.
Committees announced to help with the play presented March 27 and 28 are:
Tickets, Max E. Vircks; collectors, Al Sauter and Herb Buehrens and ushers, Viola
Lindboe and Betty Premeau. Plans were also discussed for improving Dorchester
day during the coming season.
The entire waterworks project was explained by S.C. Sorenson. He presented
complete plans and estimates for the clubs inspection.
After the meeting most of the members enjoyed seeing the Aces win one of the
most interesting basketball games of the season.

April 13, 1939 ----- DORCHESTER DAY TO BE RESUMED — Popular Weekly Feature
To Start Next Wednesday
The Dorchester Commercial Club and business men have decided to resume the
popular Dorchester Day again this year. The first one this season will be held next
Wednesday, April 19th.
The same plan that was used last year will be followed, except that the amount of
the awards will be raised. Drawings will be made at 8 p.m. as has been the
custom in previous years.

Dorchester day has always drawn large crowds into town and arrangements are
being made this year to accommodate an even larger attendance. Don’t forget —
Dorchester day will be held every Wednesday evening, beginning April 19th.

April 13, 1939 ----- Commercial Club Holds Regular Meeting
The Dorchester Commercial Club held its regular meeting last Thursday evening at
the club house with Otto Genrich, Emil Erickson, Al Sauter and Arnold Baehr
serving the dinner. Herb Buehrens, president of the organization, presided at the
business meeting.
The financial report on the Commercial Club play “Papa Behave” showed a profit
of $65.00. A rising vote of thanks was given the cast and the director for their
splendid work.
Final plans were announced for the Skat tournament to be held at the club house
on Sunday evening, April 16 at 8 p.m.. After much discussion it was voted to start
Dorchester Day for this year on Wednesday, April 19.
The dinner committee for the next meeting will be C.M. Vircks, Ed Werner, Frank
Seidel and Durward McVey. It was also announced that the annual banquet for the
Aces will be held at that time. The entertainment committee consists of S.C.
Sorenson, Max E. Vircks and Durward McVey.
Oscar Laack offered to make a few screens for the club house if the club would
furnish the materials and was promptly taken up on his offer. After listening to
plans and committees for the Carnival, the meeting was adjourned.

April 20, 1939 ----- Plans Going Ahead For Biggest Carnival In History
Dorchester businessmen and members of the Commercial Club are busy these days
making final arrangements for the big carnival to be held Friday and Saturday,
April 28 and 29. (See Page five)
The carnival this year will be more attractive than it has ever had before.
The Northern States Power Company is putting on a cooking demonstration Friday
afternoon at 2:30 in Recreation Hall. Miss Jane Cole will conduct the
On Friday and Saturday evenings the Grade School Amateur Contests will be held.
All parochial rural, state graded and village schools in the surrounding community
have been invited to participate. Ballots for the popular voting in this contest may
be obtained at the hall.
A new contest this year will be the popularity contest. Anyone can enter any girl
or lady they would like to see win this contest. Just fill out the entry blank on
page five and drop it in THE CLARION office before 6 p.m. April 26.

Recreation Hall will be colorfully decorated for the occasion. Merchants and
businessmen of Dorchester will each have a booth in the hall to display their goods
to carnival visitors. There will also be bingo games, refreshments served in the
hall and entertainment all of the time. Come to Dorchester on Friday and
Saturday, April 28 and 29 for a real spring carnival.

April 20, 1939 ----- Commercial Club Skat Tournament
The skat tournament sponsored by the Dorchester Commercial Club last Sunday
evening was very well attended despite the adverse weather conditions. Fifteen
tables seated 45 players who vied for the seven awards that were presented at the
conclusion of play.
The Commercial Club committee in charge of the event was Joe Bauernfeind Jr.,
Al Sauter and Donald Kraut. Pete Miller acted as Skatmeister. Prizes and scores of
the winners were: 1st - Chas. Rahn, Curtiss, won 23 lost 1, net 22 — 2nd - Martin
Stelzel, Dorchester, 793 points — 3rd - John Bauernfeind, Thorp, Club Solo, against
4 — 4th - Rev. Phillip Weller, Dorchester, Won 21 net — 5th - John Plier, Dorchester,
502 points — 6th - Georhe Calmes, Dorchester, High Play 120 — 7th - Rudolph
Umlauft, Dorchester, Club Tourne against 4.

July 20, 1939 ----- Dorchester Day Is Ordered Discontinued
Word was received here this morning from the Clark County District Attorney that
Dorchester will have to discontinue its Wednesday night drawings. This is in
accordance with the decision handed down by the Supreme Court just recently,
barring all drawings, games of choice, bank nights, etc.
This order affects all towns and villages in Clark County and gives them until
August 1st to comply with it. The final Dorchester day will be held next
Wednesday, July 26th.

August 10, 1939 ----- Dorchester Day To Start Again next Wednesday
District Attorney Says Village May Conduct Drawings:
On the latest advice from Mr. Gwin, Clark County District Attorney, Dorchester
merchants were not violating the law with their Dorchester day drawings. This
opinion was received here following the meeting of District Attorneys held at
Manitowish last week. As a result of this information Dorchester merchants are
going to resume the drawings on Wednesday nights beginning next Wednesday.
The drawings will continue in the same manner as before and until further notice.
Remember: Come to Dorchester next Wednesday evening and tell your friends and
neighbors to come too. Everybody is welcome — everybody is invited.

Sept. 14, 1939 ----- Commercial Club Invites Women To Meeting Tonight
The Dorchester Commercial Club are letting down the bars tonight and inviting the
women of the village to attend their regular meeting at the Club house tonight at
6:30. The meeting promises to be very interesting as the club has secured Miss
Gertrude Clouse, Clark County Nurse, to show pictures on Tuberculosis. Miss
Clouse has two films that she will show. They are “Behind the Shadows” and”Let
My people Live” showing how a person may be exposed to the disease, how it is
spread and what should be done if certain symptoms are noted. Everyone is urged
to send their reservation to Mr. S.C. Sorenson if they intend to be present. The
committee for tonight is Otto Genrich, Al Sauter, L.D. Sorenson and Arnold Baehr.

December 14, 1939 ----- Oscar Laack Elected Pres. Of Com. Club
Other officers elected last Thursday — Installation January 4th
At their regular meeting last Thursday evening at the Club House, the Commercial
Club elected their new officers for the coming year. Oscar laack was elected
President; Max Vircks, Vice President; William Jantsch, Secretary; and L.D.
Sorenson, Treasurer. M.F. Lawrie was elected trustee for a three year period.
It was decided to hold the next meeting on December 28th and the installation of
the new officers on January 4th.
Committees were named and plans were discussed for the businessmen’s Santa
Claus Day to be held this Saturday. The dinner committee named for the next
meeting consists of Max Vircks, Carl Mertens, H. Genrich and Robert Johnson.

December 14, 1939 — Merchants Sponsor Santa Claus Day Here Saturday
The Dorchester businessmen will be host to all the children in the surrounding
community Saturday, with the annual Dorchester Christmas party which will be
held in the afternoon. Santa Claus will be in town in the afternoon to give a gift to
every child who has registered at Rutzky’s store before noon on Friday — don’t
forget kiddies, register at Rutzky’s before Friday noon in order to receive your gift
from santa Claus on Saturday.
Committees were appointed at Commercial Club meeting last Thursday to handle
the Santa Claus Day decorating: Max Vircks, E.R. Erickson and Al Sauter.
Advertising; D. Merriman, L.D. Sorenson and Ed. Werner. Soliciting; H. Buehrens,
G.H. Rutzky and Peter Beck. Santa Claus; Dr. Schief, O. Laack, S. Sorenson,
Arnold Baehr and F. Hiebsch.
The community Christmas tree has been erected at the junction of Main Street and
County Highway “A”. The stores have trimmed trees in the windows and are
displaying merchandise appropriate for the Christmas Holidays. Don’t forget to
patronize your local merchants — Shop in Dorchester and save.

February 22, 1940 ----- Dorchester Carnival Set For April 5 and 6
Youths Projects Exhibit to be New Feature This Year
At the regular meeting of the Dorchester Commercial Club last Thursday evening,
preliminary plans were made and committees were appointed for the Annual
Dorchester Carnival which will be held on Friday & Saturday, April 5 and 6.
The carnival this year will have many new features that will make it more worth
while than ever before. The amateur contest will be dropping this year but will be
replaced by a youths project exhibit. This exhibit has been planned so that every
boy and girl 15 years old or under may enter a personal piece of work in the
It is desired that all the boys and girls in the community should take part in these
exhibits and try for one of the prizes that will be offered. Here is the opportunity
for the boys and girls to make their hobbies work for them. Sewing, cooking,
drawing, baking, etc. for the girls and building, planning, drawing, etc. for the
boys. Further details will be announced a little later but here is an opportunity to
get started on YOUR exhibit early. Another new feature being planned for this
year is an agricultural program on Saturday afternoon. All the farmers will be
invited to come in and discuss their problems with farm leaders from other parts of
the state.
On Friday afternoon April 5, the ever popular Northern States Power Cooking
School will be held for the ladies. There will also be the popular drawings for the
valuable door prizes offered by the Dorchester merchants, concessions, merchants
displays and many other worthwhile attractions. Oscar Laack was named as
chairman of the Carnival.

April 4, 1940 ----- Annual Spring Carnival Friday and Saturday
Marathon County Agent will speak Saturday at Farmer’s Program
The interest that is being shown in the Youths Projects Exhibit of the Dorchester
Carnival is far surpassing the expectations of the sponsors. Entries are being
received from all the surrounding schools as well as the Village. People attending
this gala event this Friday and Saturday at Recreation Hall will witness one of the
largest collections of hand-work and hobbies that have ever been put on exhibit in
this part of the state.
Besides the exhibit there will be displays by the local merchants, contests,
refreshments and other attractions to interest the patrons.
The Northern States Power Company will conduct their cooking school on Friday
afternoon to which all the ladies are invited.
On Saturday afternoon there will be an Agricultural Program for the farmers of the
community. The meeting will start at 1:30 p.m. and be addressed by the Marathon
County Agent, Mr. Rogan.

Exhibit awards will be made Saturday night and $150 in merchandise will be given
away during the two evenings. Local merchants have been distributing coupons
with purchases and holders of these will be eligible for the awards. Oscar Laack is
chairman of the Carnival and the following committees have been working on the
event. Concessions: M.S. Sorenson, Al Sauter, Donald Kraut, F.V. Hiebsch, E.
Fuchsgruber and Dr. A.W. Schief. Youth Projects Exhibit: Chester Rinka, Theo.
Ketterl and Robert E. Johnson. Agricultural Program: Durward McVey, H.L. Kinyon
and M.F. Lawrie. Advertising: L.D. Sorenson, C.M. Vircks and O.A. Frome. Prizes:
Max E. Vircks, E.R. Erickson and Genrich Implement Co. Lunch: Wm. Jantsch, B.D.
Merriman, Ed Werner and Elmer Genrich. Ice Cream: Donald Sauter. Booths:
Lester Vircks, Seidel Bros and Peter Beck.

May 2, 1940 ----- Commercial Club Committees Named For New Year
The standing committees for the 1940 fiscal year were announced at the
Commercial Club meeting last Thursday evening. They are as follows:
Membership: M.S. Sorenson, M. F. Lawrie, Lester Vircks, A. Siegert and Durward
McVey. Finance: Dr. A.W. Schief, E.R. Erickson and B.D. Merriman. Village and
Farm Relations: Albert Sauter, Elmer Genrich, Henry Genrich and A.P. Mueller.
Program: E.G. Beisner, E.J. Fuchsgruber, Herbert Buehrens and Max E. Vircks.
Health and Safety: Dr. F.P. Foley, rev. R.H. Browe and Rev. Phillip T. Weller.
Sports and Recreation: C.M. Vircks, L.D. Sorenson, Wm. Jantsch and Edgar Paulson.
Dorchester Day: G.H. Rutzky, O. A. Frome and E.J. Werner. Public Activities:
Peter Beck, Frank Seidel, Domald Sauter, Peter Miller and rev. J. Brandt. Business
Enterprises: F.V. Hiebsch, Donald Kraut and Arnold Baehr.
Each member present was asked to bring to the chair suggestions to improve the
community. A number of good ideas were presented and one of them, Dollar Day,
will become effective sometime this month.
Dorchester Day Award Winners Wednesday — Arletta Lindau won one of the major
Dorchester Day awards last night. Others eligible were Harold Hoffman,
Abbotsford and Gene Poirier, Medford. Street awards went to Mildred Heidtke,
John Plier, Henry Neuhaus, Edward Kalepp and Fred Tauchen all of Dorchester.

September 5, 1940 ----- Commercial Club Will Meet Tonight
The Dorchester Commercial Club will hold a regular meeting tonight at the Club
House starting at seven o’clock. A letter was sent out yesterday to all members of
the Club urging their attendance at meetings and cooperation in civic affairs
during the fall and winter. It was pointed out that the main purpose of the Club is
to promote the best interests of Dorchester.

The Commercial Club is the only organization in the community that is working
entirely for the betterment of Dorchester and for that reason alone, if for no
other, deserves the loyal support and attendance of every businessman who is at
all interested in promoting business and good will in the community. After the
business meeting a short and interesting program has been arranged and will be
followed by a dutch lunch.

December 19, 1940 ----- M.S. Sorenson Elected Commercial Club Head
The Dorchester Commercial Club met last Thursday evening at the Block Hotel to
elect the following officers for the coming year: M.S. Sorenson, President; William
Jantsch, Vice President; B.D. Merriman, Secretary; Clarence Vircks, Treasurer and
E.J. Werner, trustee for three years. Plans were discussed for Santa Claus Day to
be held Monday, dec. 23rd and a committee composed of Dr. A.W. Schief, Durward
McVey and B.D. Merriman was appointed to organize some project for the winter
months. It was also decided to again try to fix a skating pond in the village. D.
McVey, A. Siegert and T. Ketterl were appointed as the committe in charge.

December 19, 1940 ----- Santa Claus Day Here On Monday — Merchants
Subscribe $63.50 To Annual Christmas Fund
Monday December 23rd, is all kiddies day in Dorchester for that is when Santa Claus
will greet all the children of the community and see that each one of them
receives a gift from him personally. Dorchester merchants went over the top in a
big way in subscribing to the Christmas Fund this year when $63.50 was raised to
take care of the children. This generosity on the part of the businessmen is just
one way of thanking their many patrons for their support during the year.
One of the important things for all the children to remember is to register as soon
as possible for Santa Claus Day. All registrations must be in at the Erickson Hwd.
Co. By 6:00 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 21st, so that old St. Nick will know about how
many children he will have to bring gifts for on Monday.
So hurry — hurry — hurry — register first, get your ticket and then see Santa Claus
in person in Dorchester at 2:00 p.m.., Monday Dec. 23rd.

March 13, 1941 ----- Commercial Club Will Be Hosts To Ladies
The Dorchester Commercial Club will hold their regular Ladies Night meeting at
the Club House next Thursday. All members are urged to bring their wives.
Reservations can be made with the secretary before Wednesday afternoon. The
evening’s entertainment will include a number of sound films obtained from the
Chicago Cubs baseball team, the State Fair and the County health department.

Remember that reservations must be made with the secretary if you plan to attend
the dinner at 6:30.

Oct. 23, 1941 --- American Legion and Commercial Club Plan Card Party
Members of the Dorchester Commercial Club and the Charles F. Hanson Post No.
139 of the American Legion have decided to jointly sponsor a card party at
Recreational Hall on Tuesday evening, Nov. 11th. Three men from each
organization make up the committee in charge.
Ed Werner, Orvil Israels and Donald Kraut represent the Commercial Club and Dr.
A.W. Schief, G.H. Rutzky and Hebry Genrich represent the Legion in making the
Commander Schief of the Legion also announces that there will be an Armistice
Day program at the hall at 10:00 o’clock in the morning under the joint
sponsorship of the Public Schools and the Legion. Watch the Clarion for further

Oct. 23, 1941 ----- Blood Donors Group Formed By Club
Members of the Dorchester Commercial Club decided at their meeting last
Thursday to ask all healthy men in the community to go down to Marshfield within
the next week or so to have their blood typed and tested. This is a worthy project
and one that will not cost the men of the community anything but a trip to
Marshfield and a small ten cent service charge. Anyone willing to have his blood
tested and typed is asked to get in touch with either M.S. Sorenson or B.D.
Merriman and a group will be formed to go down together some evening soon.
Come on men! Let’s see if we can’t have at least fifty tested potential blood
donors in the next week or so. It may be YOUR blood that will help save another
person’s life and you can never tell when you, YOURSELF might need the service.

December 23, 1942 ----- Freck Is Named President Of Commercial Club
Commercial Club Elects New Slate Of Officers
Le Roy Freck, manager of the Dorchester Canning Company, was elected president
of the Dorchester Commercial Club for the coming year at the annual election held
last Thursday evening at the Club House. Other officers elected were: E.R.
Erickson, Vice President; Henry Genrich, Secretary; Donald Sauter, Treasurer; and
Donald Schreiber, Director. The new officers will be installed at the first meeting
of the Club in January.

December 31, 1942 ----- Start Ice Skating Pond At High School
A few members of the Commercial Club in cooperation with the school
authorities and village board have started work on a skating pond for the
community. The rink will be located on the ball diamond of the high school. The
Buehrens Company is making a spray which will be finished this week and ready to
operate. Preliminary work of clearing off a space and icing the sides of the
proposed rink was done Monday evening. It is expected to take about two weeks
to get the rink in shape for use.

February 18, 1943 ----- Club House To be Open During Week
The Dorchester Commercial Club voted at its meeting last Thursday evening to
hold open house twice each week during the rest of the winter months for the
benefit of its members and their friends who would like a place to enjoy
themselves. The Club House will be open every Monday and Friday night, with a
member in charge each evening. Club members and their friends are invited to
come down during the evening and enjoy the facilities of the Club House.
Different games are being set up in the room, a record player has been installed,
in fact there will be everything available that people wish they had in an
amusement room in their basements. All members and their friends are cordially
invited to make use of the Club House on these evenings.

March 18, 1943 ----- Carnival Plans Are Mapped Out By Commercial Club
Annual Event Will Be Held In Recreational Hall April 16 and 17
Committees were named last week by LeRoy Freck, Commercial Club president,
for the Annual Spring Carnival to be sponsored by that group this year on Friday
and Saturday, April 16th and 17th. Preliminary plans were discussed with all
indications pointing to one of the best attractions ever to be put on here. There
will be the usual array of games, etc. to amuse the crowd. The merchants booths
will have a War-Time theme which will be of interest to everyone. The
entertainment plans are barely underway, but many pleasant surprises will be in
store for Carnival goers. The complete program will be announced at a later date.
Committees for the event are as follows: General Arrangements —M.S. Sorenson,
B.D. Merriman and Theodore Ketterl. Booths —E.R. Erickson, Henry and Otto
Genrich and Herbert Buehrens. Advertising —E.J. Werner, Andrew Siegert, Frank
and Albert Seidel and Clarence Vircks. Prizes —LeRoy Freck, L.D. Sorenson, M.F.
Lawrie, Edgar Paulson and Dr. Foley. Concessions —DR. A. W. Schief, F.V. Hiebsch,
Albert Sauter, Oscar Laack and Roger Winans. Entertainment — Durward McVey,
G.H. Rutzky, and Gene Skerbeck. Refreshments —William Jantsch, Donald
Schreiber, Donald Sauter, Carl Mertens and L.J. Sebold. Farners Program —Roger
Winans, William Tauchen and William Sedlack. Ice Cream — Rev. Bowe. Special
event —M.S. Sorenson, William Tauchen and B.D. Merriman.

October 14, 1943 ----- Legion - Commercial Club Card Party Set
The Dorchester Commercial Club and the Charles F. Hanson Post 139 of the
American legion will hold a card party at Recreational hall on Thursday evening,
Nov 11th. It will be a benefit party for the local Servicemen’s Fund, out of which
the organizations will pay for the cigarettes which are being sent to the boys for
Christmas. The committee appointed consists of B.D. Merriman, Dr. A.W. Schief,
M.S. Sorenson and Henry Genrich from the Commercial Club and William Jantsch,
William Tauchen, E.G. Beisner and Morgan Underwood from the Legion.

December 16, 1943 ----- Servicemen Are Receiving Cigarettes
Many of the men and women from this community in the armed services have
written that they are in receipt of their cigarettes and appreciate them very much.
However, it seems that some of the cards enclosed stated that the cigarettes were
sent by individual business places. This is an error on the part of the cigarette
company in placing the gift cards in the packages. The cigarettes were sent by the
Dorchester Commercial Club and the Charles F. Hanson Post 189, American legion,
working together. The boys greatly appreciate the smokes and the sentiment that
goes with the gift and the two organizations behind the gifts should be given the
credit instead of one or two business establishments.

December 16, 1943 — Commercial Club To Sponsor Santa Claus Day Sat.
All Children Invited To See Complete Sound Movie Program By Santa
Hold your hat kids! Old Santa hasn’t forgotten you even though he won’t be able
to pass out the customary goodies this year. The old boy will make his visit to
Dorchester this year on Saturday December 18th. Instead of candy, apples, etc. he
will have plenty of popcorn to pass out to the kiddies.

He has also arranged another treat for his friends. Starting at 2:30 p.m. at
Recreational Hall, a complete program of sound movies will be shown. The
feature attraction (and its extra special good, according to Santa) is “Billy the Kid
in the Mysterious Rider” starring your old favorites Larry “Buster” Crabbe and
“Fuzzy” Al St. John. Two comedies “Hi Ho Hollywood” and ‘Foxy Fox” are
guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. Two War Information films “She Serves
Abroad” and “Right Of Way” will round out the program. All children from the
surrounding community are invited to attend this free program. The event is
sponsored by the Dorchester Commercial Club.

December 23, 1943 ----- L.D. Sorenson New Commercial Club President
Browe-Erickson-Tauchen And F. Seidel Are The Other Officers Chosen
The Dorchester Commercial Club held its annual election of officers at the Club
House last Thursday evening. Officers elected for the coming year were: L.D.
Sorenson, president; Rev. R. H. Browe, vice president; E.R. Erickson, secretary;
William Tauchen, Treasurer and Frank Seidel, director. The new officers will be
installed the first meeting of the new year.

March 9, 1944 ----- Commercial Club Entertains Team
The Dorchester Commercial Club entertained the High School Basketball team at a
banquet at the Club House Tuesday evening. Twenty one members of the club
were present to honor the boys.

Larry Bishop, Marshfield High School football coach and former professional
basketball player was the speaker for the evening. In his talk, Mr. Bishop stressed
what the game of basketball could do for the boys in helping them to adjust
themselves to their later life in the community. Since Mr. Bishop had officiated at
several games played by the boys during the season, he was in a position to know
whereof he spoke when he complimented them very highly on their good
sportsmanship and display of fight, even though they were on the losing end of
most of their games.

Rev. R.H. Browe acted as toastmaster for the evening. Short talks were also given
by Herbert A. Juneau, High School principal, Clarence Vircks, team coach and
Robert Krause, team captain. Mrs. Henry Erlei, Betty Rauscher, Anthony Beck and
Margaret Tauchen entertained with Concertina and Guitars to complete a fine
program. Due to an unavoidable error when the list of boys on the team was
published last week, Gordon Seidel was omitted. Gordon played the first part of
the season but not the last because of his doctor’s orders.

March 30, 1944 ----- Commercial Club Sets Dates For Spring Carnival
Annual Event Will Be Held In Recreational Hall On April 14 and 15

Committees were named this week by L.D. Sorenson, Commercial Club president,
for the Annual Spring Carnival to be put on this year on Friday and Saturday, April
14th and 15th, at Recreational Hall.

Preliminary plans were discussed at a meeting of the general arrangements
committee on Monday with all indications pointing to one of the best Carnivals
ever put on here, not withstanding the fine program of last year. There will be
the usual array of games, etc. to amuse the crowd and present entertainment
plans point toward another unusual attraction. Complete details of the program
will be announced in next week’s issue of the Clarion.

Carnival committees as announced by Mr. Sorenson are as follows: General
Arrangements — M.S. Sorenson, Herbert Juneau and B.D. Merriman. Advertising —
Rev. R.H. Browe, William Tauchen, Ed. Werner and Herman Holtz. Booths — E.R.
Erickson, Henry Genrich and Herbert Buehrens. Prized — M.F. Lawrie, Otto
Genrich and Albert and Frank seidel. Concessions — Roy Wiseman, F.V. Hiebsch,
Oscar laack, Albert Sauter, Eugene Skerbeck, Norbert Laabs, and Max Vircks.
Refreshments — Donald Sauter,William Jantsch,Carl Mertens, L.J. Sebold, Clarence
Vircks, Roy Diedrick, Newton Boggs and E.G. Beisner. Farmer’s Program — Gale
Vandeberg, William Tauchen, William Sedlack and Herman Marquardt.
November 16, 1944 – Commercial Club To Award FFA Boy Purebred Calf
Judging Is Based On All Around Ability Of The Boy Selected

Some member of the Dorchester Future Farmer Chapter is going to receive a
purebred bull calf absolutely free next fall. The Dorchester Commercial Club
voted at a recent meeting to give a purebred bull calf to the most outstanding
member of the local FFA Chapter for the ensuing year. The calf, to be purchased
under the guidance of the agricultural instructor, may be of whatever breed the
boy wishes. The Commercial Club set a maximum price of $50. However, if the
boy should wish to purchase a calf costing over $50, he could pay the remainder of
the cost.

The most outstanding FFA member will be determined according to the following
point system: scholarship (grade point average) 12 points; conduct, 10 points;
cooperation and sportsmanship, 8 points; courtesy, 5 points. This is a total of 35
points on character which will be judged by all of the high school teachers. The
remaining 65 points pertain to agriculture and will be graded by the agriculture

These points are: productive enterprise (main project, with grade based on type
and scope, accuracy of records, labor income and quality of work as seen by the
agriculture instructor on visits to the farm) 30 points; farm skills (such as
dehorning calves, culling poultry, castration, docking sheep, etc.) 15 points; dairy
herd improvement (includes testing cows once each month, keeping complete herd
records and balancing rations) 10 points; keeping complete records on farm, 5
points and participating and interest in FFA activities, 5 points.

This is a very fine gesture for an organization of business men such as the
Commercial Club to support such an agricultural project. It has a stimulating
effect on the interest and activity of these FFA members and they are truly
grateful for such support and interest of the business men of Dorchester. A fifty
dollar gift is certainly worth working for.

December 28, 1944 ---- Herbert Juneau new Commercial Club President
Hiebsch, Werner, Tauchen, A. Sauter and Holtz Are The Other Officers
The Dorchester Commercial Club held the annual election of officers at the regular
meeting last Thursday evening. Herbert Juneau, local school principal, was named
as president for the coming year. Other officers named were Frank Hiebsch, vicepresident;
E.J. Werner, secretary; William Tauchen, treasurer; Albert Sauter,
trustee for three years and Herman Holtz, trustee for one year.
The new officers will be installed at the first meeting of the new year.

June 21, 1945 ----- Commercial Club Suspends Meetings For Summer
The Dorchester Commercial Club held its last meeting of the season in the
clubhouse last Thursday evening. Meetings will be resumed in September. Several
items of business came before the meeting and were discussed. It was agreed that
the clubhouse is in need of a new coat of stain and a committee was appointed to
seek means of having the work done. Walter P. Lehnetz, new publisher of the
Clarion, was admitted to membership in the club. The meeting closed with a

September 27, 1945 ----- Commercial Club To Have Ladies Night
Numerous Items Of Business Discussed At First meeting Of new Season

The Dorchester Commercial Club at a meeting last Thursday night made plans for
the annual Ladies Night which will be next Thursday evening Oct. 4. A committee
on arrangements was appointed by H.Juneau, president of the club and all ladies
of Commercial Club members households are urged to attend the party.
The matter of staining the club house came in for discussion. A committee
appointed at the last June meeting reported that suitable stain was not available
and it was voted to postpone the work until spring when it is anticipated that stain
will be obtainable.

Committees were appointed to formulate plans regarding an entertainment to be
produced by the club this fall or winter and to draw plans for a program of club
activities for the coming year.

Mr. Juneau, as president of the club, was selected to appear at the next meeting
of the village board to suggest a site and plans for a skating rink. He also was
delegated to communicate with the Greyhound bus lines regarding a regularly
scheduled bus stop in the village.

December 13, 1945 ----- Santa Claus To Visit Village On Saturday --Treats and Pony
Rides For Children; Free Show Highlight Day’s Entertainment

Santa Claus is coming to town. The Dorchester Commercial Club’s annual Santa
Claus day this year has been set for Saturday. A full afternoon of entertainment,
complete with Santa Claus, has been arranged by the club beginning with a free
show at 1 P.M.

The show will consist of a feature-length movie, a comedy and shorts. It will be
shown at the Midgie theater and all visitors to the village are invited to attend.
There will be two showings of the theater program.

Santa Claus will be at the theater door to present each child with a treat as he
leaves the theater. The impossibility of obtaining candy in sufficient quantity has
eliminated it from the goodies that will be in the bags. However, there will be
peanuts and an apple for each youngster.

Pat McCarron has loaned a pony for the children’s pleasure. The pony will be at
the village park all afternoon, with an attendant in charge. All children are urged
to come and ride the pony free.

The Commercial Club wants this year’s Christmas party to be the best yet and
extends a cordial invitation to all residents of the Dorchester trade territory to
come and spend the afternoon.

January 17, 1946 ----- Juneau Reelected President Of Commercial Club
Club Held Annual Election Thursday; Discussed Future Plans
The Dorchester Commercial Club last Thursday evening elected its officers for the
ensuing year. The recommendations of the nominating committee, Herman Holtz,
chairman were approved with one exception.

New Officers of the club are: Herbert Juneau, re-elected president; James
Johnston, vice president; Ray Holtz, secretary; M.S. Sorenson, treasurer; and
Seidel Bros. Member of the board of directors for a three year term. The board
of directors consists of three members, one elected each year for a term of three
years. The outgoing treasurer, William Tauchen, read a report of finances during
his tenure of that post. Further discussion was held regarding the homecoming
celebration for returned servicemen, tentatively set for next summer. Also
discussed were plans for a Fourth of July celebration, which were tabled for
further consideration at a future meeting of the club.

May 9, 1946 ----- Commercial Club Fetes High School Basketball Team
The Dorchester Commercial Club last Thursday evening gave its annual testimonial
banquet for the high school basketball team. After the banquet, which began at
6:30 p.m., Coach Clifford Herman spoke briefly on achievements and aims on the
team and introduced individual players. The Rev. V.R. Miller, clerk of the board of
education, gave the testimonial speech. H.A. Juneau, president of the
Commercial Club was toastmaster.

Jan. 16, 1947 -- Commercial Club seeks To Increase meeting Attendance
Banquet Will Be Held At The Club House Next Monday Evening

The Dorchester Commercial Club at last Thursday’s meeting elected a new slate of
officers and laid plans for rejuvenation of the organization. Various means of
raining money were discussed and the club approved a suggestion by out-going
president Herbert Juneau that the club sponsor a concert by the Eau Claire State
Teacher’s College Band at the Recreation Hall. Mr. Juneau was delegated to
ascertain the cost of such concert and report on details at the earliest opportunity,
at which time the club would make a final decision regarding the concert.
Several methods of getting increased attendance at meetings of the club were
discussed at length. It was pointed out that the club was organized as a civic
enterprise in the interests of boosting Dorchester and that it deserves better
support than it has been getting recently.

It was voted to hold a banquet at the club house Monday Jan. 20, at 6:30 p.m.,
which all business men of the community are urged to attend. C.M. Vircks is in
charge of arrangements for the banquet. Dr. F.P. Foley and L.D. Sorenson were
appointed a committee to contact business men and urge their attendance at the

The election of officers resulted in E.L. Bieck being chosen president, C.M. Vircks,
vice president; W.P. Lehnetz, secretary; and Donald Schreiber, treasurer. The
election also amended the constitution of the club to delete the clause which
provides for a board of directors.

Jan. 23, 1947 -- Commercial Club’s Thursday Banquet Was Well Attended
Club Plans Gatherings Twice Monthly; Saturday-Friday Closing Discussed
Thirty One persons attended the testimonial Club banquet held at the club house
last Thursday evening. Several new members joined the organization at the
business meeting following the dinner, and means os securing as large attendance
at future meetings was discussed at length. The discussion revealed that many
present thought that dinner meetings would be the most effective method of
securing a large turnout. Upon a vote, the membership decided to institute such
meetings and to hold them on Monday evenings instead of Thursdays as heretofore.
Hence forth the club will meet the first and third Mondays of each month at 6:30
p.m. A motion that those arriving late would be fined 25 cents was favorably
acted upon near the close of the meeting. Albert Mertens and Henry Gruny were
appointed a committee to again contact business men seeking their attendance at
the next meeting which will be held at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 3.

Franklin Fritsche was named secretary of the organization to fill the vacancy made
when W.P. Lehnetz declined the office because of the press of other activities.

The controversial Saturday-Friday opening was discussed at length, with no
settlement made. It was agreed to continue on the Friday the subject will be
reopened. In the meantime delegations of the local club will visit neighboring
villages to ascertain how the change has been accepted there and to report their
findings to the club.

March 20, 1947 ----- Commercial Club Plans Free Shows During Summer
The Dorchester Commercial Club at its regular meeting Monday evening voted to
stage free shows one evening each week for the entertainment of patrons of
Dorchester businesses represented at the meeting indicated a willingness to
underwrite the cost of the project, with the expectation that others would join in,
and plans were made to contact Bernard Gall with a view toward obtaining him to
make the showings each Wednesday evening during June, July and August.
The club received a report on the carnival held last weekend. Secretary Franklin
Fritsche informed the membership that the Wisconsin Public Service commission
indicated that it will set a date for a hearing on the necessity of a safety signal at
the Soo Line crossing on County Trunk “A” in the village. The meeting decided to
solicit aid of the village board and attorney in drawing up a petition and
presentation of facts establishing the crossing as more than ordinarily dangerous,
to present at the hearing.

March 20, 1947 ----- Spring Carnival Was Attraction For Large Crowds
Resumption of Annual Event Was Successful Entertainment

Several hundred persons crowded the Recreational Hall for both days of the annual
spring carnival held last Friday and Saturday. General Chairman L.D. Sorenson said
that the two-day program of entertainment and educational features was one of
the best and most successful in the history of the event. It was the first time the
carnival had been staged since 1944, when wartime shortages brought a temporary
halt to the annual affair. Prizes for the best rural school entertainment on the
evening programs were awarded Saturday evening as follows: Lawndale School,
Mrs. Alvin Dahl, teacher first prize of $25 for a play. “Aunt Emmy and the
Monkey”. Barry School, Mrs. Melvin Grewe, teacher was awarded second prize of
$15 for its “Irish Melodies” and Draper School, Miss Mrytle Kellner, teacher took
third prize of $10 with a pantomime entitled “The Army Life”. Other participating
schools, Kreie, Mr. Westermeier, teacher and Liberty School, Mrs. Ruesch, teacher
were awarded honorable mention prizes of $5 each.

The Dorchester high school “pep” band played several selections each evening
after the school entertainments and the music contributed considerably to the
entertainment of carnival patrons.

Friday afternoon’s demonstration of “Modern Cookery” and new electrical
appliances by Miss Rosamund Carlson of the Northern States Power Company was
appreciated by about 100 women who witnessed the preparation of a meal, from
salad to dishwashing by Miss Carlson.

Recognizing the leading part played by Marathon and Clark Counties in Wisconsin’s
dairy industry; the Saturday afternoon program was devoted to quality dairying.
The program was presented by Wilbur Carlson, Madison and Myron Clark of Oshkosh
of the Kraft foods Company.

April 10, 1947 -- Village Stores Will Be Open Saturday Nights After May 1
Village To Have Free Movies On Wednesday Evenings During Summer
At Monday night’s meeting of the Dorchester Commercial Club about 20 members
present voted to reopen village business places Saturday evenings, beginning May
3. Stores have been closed Saturday evenings since the first of November when
Friday evening opening became effective. The membership also voted to sponsor
free movies on Wednesday evenings during the months of June, July and August
this summer. The shows will be handled by Bernard Gall and will be shown at the
vacant lot just west of Paulson’s Garage beginning every Wednesday evening,
weather permitting at 9:30 o’clock.

Beginning May 7, stores will be open Wednesday evenings also until 9:30, the same
time they will close on Saturday nights. Bernard Gall became a member of the
club at Monday’s meeting.

Further information was received pertaining to a hearing by the Wisconsin Public
Service Commission on the necessity of grade crossing signals on County Trunk “A”
in the village. The commission quoted statues to the effect that governmental
subdivisions or groups of freeholders only are recognized legally in such
proceedings. Whereupon the club voted to turn its responsibility in the matter
over to the village board.

May 6, 1948 -- Clarence Vircks Named President Of Commercial Club
Plans For Free Shows Made at Tuesday Meeting; Meeting Date Changed
To Thursday

About 20 members of the Commercial Club attended Tuesday evening’s meeting
and election at the club house. Clarence Vircks was elected president of the
organization; Donald Schreiber, vice president; LaVern Sauter, secretary and Henry
Gruny, treasurer. A discussion of proposed free movies for the village on
Wednesday evenings during the summer established that members of the club felt
that 12 weeks of the shows, to begin in June would be long enough, because of
chilly weather before and after those dates.

It also was brought out that because of a new residence on the Paulson lot
where shows formerly were held, it no longer is possible to show there and a new
site must be chosen. Several lots were mentioned and Clarence Miller, Henry
Genrich and M.S. Sorenson were appointed a committee to make recommendations
for a new site at the next meeting.

Other proposals for additional summer attractions were discussed, with the
secretary being instructed to investigate possibilities and report findings at the
next meeting.

D.A. Kobs, supervising principal of the public school, spoke on legal authority and
activities of state and county school committees, and how acts of those groups
have and could affect the local school. He said that the state committee had
requested that every high school district in the state outline for the committee a
proposed enlarged district and said that while local district officers sought no
enlargement of the present district, it was their opinion that enlargement was an
eventual probability and that it was felt that the territory from which the school
drew its students constituted a basis on which to make the report for the state
committee. He said the district board plans a series of meetings to inform school
district and town officers of the local situation as developments occur.
On motion and vote of the club, the president was instructed to appoint a
committee to keep the club informed of developments on the school question and
seek access to school committee hearings. Dr. A.W. Schief, M.S. Sorenson and
O.C. Genrich were appointed such a committee. Discussion of the meeting date
for the club brought forth the opinion that Monday evening seemed impractical
because of the extremely light attendance during the past year and a move was
sought to change it, with Thursday evening being the final selection. The
consensus of the membership also opposed the banquet meetings of last spring and
it was the feeling that meetings could be held without the added expense of a
meal. As one member observed: the success of the club depended more upon
business accomplished than so-called attractions calculated to promote
attendance. Future meetings of the club will be held the second and fourth
Thursdays of each month.

December 9, 1948 -- Frank Hiebsch Elected To Head Commercial Club
Club Also Made Plans For Membership Canvass Early Next Year
Frank Hiebsch was named president of the Dorchester Commercial Club for next
year at the annual election held by the club at the club house Monday evening.
Fred Dankemyer Jr., was elected vice-president, Otto Genrich, treasurer and Neal
Smith, secretary. Twenty-five members and guests attended the club’s dinner
meeting and election.

Santa Claus day committees reported to the meeting and final arrangements for
the event were completed. After the meeting members sacked the treats which
Santa will give each boy or girl comint to the village Saturday. L.D. Sorenson was
appointed a committee of one to purchase a Santa Claus suit for the club.
Henry Gruny, outgoing treasurer, gave a financial report for the year and present
financial status of the club. After a discussion of club membership aims and
activities, it was voted to have club officers institute a personal canvass of
prospective members early next year and to report progress at the next meeting of
the club which will be held Jan. 17. E.J. Werner and H.F. Buehrens were
appointed a committee to sell tickets for a dinner which will precede the business

Other business transacted included authorization to buy a fan for the club house to
facilitate heating the room and C.M. Vircks was authorized to act as he saw fit in
permitting use of the uniforms of the Aces basketball team which originally were
purchased by business men of the village.

Jan. 20, 1949 - Commercial Club Installed Officers; Discussed Plans Tues.
Twenty One members and guests of the Dorchester Commercial Club attended a
dinner meeting of the organization in the club house Tuesday evening. The first
order of business was installation of officers elected at the December meeting of
the club, and F.V. Hiebsch took over as president, succeeding C.M. Vircks. Fred
Dankemyer, Jr., is the new vice-president; Neal Smith, secretary and O.C.
Genrich, treasurer. Last year’s treasurer and secretary were Henry Gruny and
LaVerne Sauter.

The club discussed plans for sponsoring or producing entertainments during the
spring and summer, with action deferred until next meeting, Feb. 21. A spring
carnival similar to an event produced in previous years and a home talent play
were among projects discussed.

A discussion also was held regarding a “March of Dimes” benefit affair during the
current drive for funds. It centered mostly around whether the club would back a
movie program planned for the Recreational hall Sunday evening by D.A. Kobs,
village “March of Dimes” chairman or sponsorship of a separate event. Members
agreed that it would be far better to hold only one benefit and to support it
wholeheartedly, than to put on two events with mediocre success for each. C.M.
Vircks, D.A. Kobs and Fred Schwierske were appointed a committee to handle
arrangements and publicity for the program.

Feb. 17, 1949 -- Commercial Club Dinner Meeting At Club House Monday
F.V. Hiebsch, president of the Dorchester Commercial Club, today reminded all
members that Monday is the regularly scheduled meeting date of the organization
and urged all to be present. Roy Wiseman and L.D. Sorenson are a committee to
sell tickets for the dinner at 7 p.m. which will precede the business meeting in the
club house.

President Hiebsch said that the acute situation of the village’s need for an
auditorium is almost certain to be brought before the meeting and asked that all
members make a special effort to attend in order that the actual sentiment of the
community’s civic organization on the subject may be recorded.

Feb. 23, 1949 -- Commercial Club Discussed Need For Hall In Village
Banquet for Basketball Team Planned for Next Meeting of Civic Group
About 40 members and guests attended the regular monthly dinner meeting of the
Dorchester Commercial Club held at the club house Monday evening.
Following the 7 p.m. dinner, plans for a banquet for the local high school
basketball team which had been begun at the January meeting, were reviewed and
date of the banquet was set for the March meeting of the club, to be held at the
club house, Tuesday, March 22 at 7 p.m.

Routine business of the organization was transacted, after which President F.V.
Hiebsch opened the meeting to a discussion of members sentiment on the need of
a community center for the village.

Interest Reported: Several members reported that there is a lively interest among
residents of the village and surrounding community for a new community hall and
reported that quite a number of persons from within and without the village had
indicated a willingness to donate labor should the construction of a building be
undertaken. Other offers were made from the floor of the meeting and it was
pointed out that, undoubtably, there would be many others if new construction
becomes a reality. Members of the school board and faculty outlined the situation
arising in regard to the present Recreational hall which had been declared by the
Wisconsin Industrial Commission as unsafe for public use. Repairs and
improvements to the building deemed necessary by the commission were
mentioned and opinions given as to how such could be accomplished. It was
pointed out that officials of the O & N Lumber Company had been approached for
an estimate on the cost of necessary repairs but that they considered such work to
be so extensive that it is impossible for them to arrive at evan an approximate cost

Major Project: The building authorities were quoted as of the opinion that repair
work alone necessary to put the building in a condition which would be approved
by the Industrial Commission would run into a remodeling project of major
proportions, with a consequently great cost for materials and labor. They
mentioned a foundation wall under all of the building, reinforcement of the
bulging walls, which would have to be returned to plumb, a roof remodeling with
adequate trusses to meet specifications on public buildings, reinforcement of the
floor and others.

The points set forth were discussed with interest by the meeting, with particular
emphasis on the relative merits of new construction and repair. It was brought out
that repair of the Recreation Hall, at considerate cost, would still leave the
community with an old building, whereas new construction could be designed to
meet the needs a present day community hall must fill.

Upon a standing vote asked for by President Hiebsch, members voted almost
unanimously in favor of erection of a new building rather than repair of the old.
The president than appointed a committee to gather information on various types
of buildings, relative costs and the formal procedure required to obtain official
action on a proposal for such project. The committee, comprised of W.P. Lehnetz,
M.S. Sorenson, O.C. Genrich, Roy Wiseman and D.A. Kobs was ordered to report
with the requested information to a special meeting of the club which will be held
at the club house march 7. The meeting will be open to the general public of
Dorchester and the surrounding community and club officials urged everyone to

March 24, 1949 -- Commercial Club Feted Basketball Players Tuesday
Coach and Cheerleaders Also Guests of Civic Group at Annual Banquet
Members of Dorchester high school’s champion basketball team and cheerleaders
were guests at a banquet given in their honor by the Commercial Club at the club
house Tuesday evening. The occasion also was the regular monthly meeting of the
club and about 35 members attended the 7 p.m. dinner.

At a short business meeting preceding a program arranged for the team, the club
voted to finance the expenses of a local high school youth at Boys State in Ripon
this summer. The faculty of the school was charged with choosing the youth who
will attend.

Guests at the banquet were James Herman, Roger Malchow, Bryce Hinke, Robert
Schumacher, Donald Schumacher, Dan Kramer, Gerald Tauchen, Billy Jantsch,
Merlin Ludwig, Roland Larson and Marvin Busse, team members: Jeannine Mertens,
Gwen Sebold, Helen Peissig and JoAnne Ludwig, cheerleaders and coach Orval

Coach Moser presented members of the team with individual award certificates
attesting to the W.I.A.A. chanpionship and Supervising Principal D.A. Kobs lauded
the work of the boys on the court during the season. Movies of basketball
techniques, football game highlights and a Canadian park service publicity film on
fishing completed the program.

April 21, 1949 -- Free Shows For Village Voted By Commercial Club
Club Also Hears of Progress On Plans for Community Building

At Monday night’s Commercial Club meeting plans were discussed for a “ladies
night” meeting with a decision to postpone it until fall. The 22 members attending
the 7 p.m. dinner meeting also heard Village Clerk L.D. Sorenson report on details
he had learned regarding construction of a community hall. Mr. Sorenson said that
he had approached several architects seeking plans and specifications for a
proposed building but had no definite figures on the cost of such construction. He
reported that Gust Kraisin, architect from Marshfield had submitted the most
reasonable proposition on designing the building and that the village board would
meet Friday evening with Mr. Kraisin to consider further details of the plan.
The club voted to sponsor free outdoor motion picture programs again during the
summer with plans to begin in late May or early June and continue through August.
Henry Gruny and E. J. Werner were appointed a committee to make definite
arrangements for the program.

D.A. Kobs, supervising principal of the public schools, reported that the school
faculty had chosen Don Schumacher as the club’s candidate for Badger Boys State
and that the local American Legion post would send Billy Jantsch.

July 14, 1949 -- Commercial Club Oks Tentative Exchange of Property With Village
About 20 members attended a special meeting of the Dorchester Commercial Club
Thursday evening to decide whether the club would approve an exchange of
properties with the village, in case the latter selected the club house site for
erection of the municipal auditorium voted at the June 21 referendum election.
A general discussion of sites among those present revealed that some members of
the club favored other locations for the auditorium, with a plot of ground north of
the public school installation and the present village hall site receiving some
support, and also opposition. The lot west of the Paulson Garage received possibly
the most favorable mention as a site for the new building, but it was not
ascertained definitely whether or not the lot was available for the purpose.
A vote of those present, however, on a motion to exchange the Commercial Club
lot for a club house location just east of the village hall, in cast the village
selected the club’s property as the auditorium site was approved, provided the
village paid all moving and transfer costs.

August 4, 1949 -- Club House Site Chosen For New Community Hall
Village Board Named Site and Decided to Have Village Sprayed Again

The new municipal auditorium will be erected on the location presently utilized
for the Commercial Club’s club house, it was decided by the village board at a
meeting held in the Village Hall Friday evening. The six members of the board of
trustees voted unanimously for that site.

At a meeting of the board held on July 23, to which residents of the village were
especially invited in order to learn the sentiment regarding a site, a majority of
those who attended favored the club house site over a plot of ground north of the
public school grounds. At that time, it seemed possible that another site might be
secured, and since there was a delay in the preparation of plans for the building, a
postponement in selection of the site was made for one week, to await
developments. Friday night, however, progress on plans made necessary a choice
between the two sites previously considered.

Spraying: Plans for moving the club house to the village hall lot, which will be
augmented by the purchase of a piece of ground from Herman kaage, now are
being considered, and the move will be made in the near future.
The board also discussed the insect population of the village and the refuse dump,
with a resultant decision to spray the dump with a strong solution of DDT and to
authorize another airplane spraying of the village.

Max Kronschnabl sprayed the dump Saturday forenoon and the village was sprayed
Sunday evening. The flies at the dump were destroyed by Saturday night. A hard
rain Sunday night however, may have detracted from the effectiveness of the
spraying of the village.

Dec. 22, 1949 -- Fred Dankemyer Elected To Head Commercial Club
New Officers of Club Elected Monday Will Take Office January 16

Twenty members of the Dorchester Commercial Club attended the monthly dinner
meeting and annual elections of the organization held in the club house Monday
evening. At the election, following the dinner, Fred Dankemyer was named
president for 1950; John Mertens, vice president; Clarence Miller, secretary; and
Bernard Staab, treasurer. The new officers will be installed at the first meeting of
the new year, to be held Jan.16. Trustees of the club were elected to include Dr.
A.W. Schief, three year term; E.J. Fuchsgruber, two years; W.P. Lehnetz, one

Reports of Santa Claus Day committees were given by the several chairmen and
accepted. Otto Genrich, out going treasurer, read the financial statement for the
year 1949, and it too was approved by the meeting.

Other out-going officers are F.V. Hiebsch, president; Fred Dankemyer, vice
president and Neal Smith, secretary. They were accorded a rising vote of thanks
for their services during the year. W.P. Lehnetz also was voted the thanks of the
club for services rendered the organization as editor of The Clarion.
A discussion of this year’s Santa Claus day resulted in adoption of resolutions to
govern next year’s event and develop better organization and coordination of
various committee’s work. Frank Musial and Frank Dessl were appointed a
committee to sell tickets for the dinner which will precede next month’s meeting.

Jan. 19, 1950 -- Commercial Club Officers Installed At Monday Meet
Civic Group Votes Support Of Dr. Foley Day; Discusses Municipal Hall

About 25 members Monday night attended the dinner meeting of the Dorchester
Commercial Club at which officers elected at the December meeting took office.
Fred Dankemyer assumed the presidency, succeeding F.V. Hiebsch; John Mertens is
the new vice-president; Clarence Miller, secretary and Bernard Staab, treasurer.
The board of trustees is comprised of dr. A.W. Schief, E.J. Fuchsgruber and W.P.

Municipal Auditorium: Following the 7 p.m. dinner and installation of officers,
progress of the municipal auditorium project was discussed, with several members
volunteering donations of time and/or money to help the project. It was pointed
out that until recently all estimates of the building’s cost exceeded funds available
to the village for construction. Now, however, representatives of the village board
reported, negotiations are underway which promise to produce a cost estimate low
enough to come within the budget. The club reiterated its desire to help with the
project in any manner open to it. Some dissatisfactions with the site selected for
the building is still evident, however.

Dr. Foley Day: The matter of a Dr. Foley Day to honor Dr. F.P. Foley, long time
practicing physician of the village, which has received attention of the club
intermittently for the past several years, again was broached and ensuring
discussion developed unanimous favorable sentiment therefor. It was pointed out,
however, that such homage was properly the privilege of the entire community,
including all individuals and organizations of the village and surrounding area,
residents of which Dr. Foley has served so long. It was reported that the local post
of the American Legion, and its auxiliary, had approved participation in such event
at their January meetings, and had expressed a desire to work with other groups to
achieve its realization. In order to set machinery for the event in motion,
discussion of the project resulted in an invitation by the club to all organizations of
the community to send representations to the next meeting of the club, at the
club house Monday feb. 20, to organize procedures for the event.

Feb. 23, 1950 -- Commercial Club Discussed Dr. Foley Day Plans Tues.
Community hall; Crossing Signals Also Get Attention Of Civic Group

Formative plans for a “Dr. Foley day” were discussed at length by the Dorchester
Commercial Club at its regular monthly meeting in the club house Tuesday
evening. M.S. Sorenson, William Jantsch and E.J. Fuchsgruber were appointed a
steering committee to make overall plans and arrange a tenative program for
presentation at the next meeting of the club. The committee also was empowered
to choose sub-committee as it sees fit to aid on the various details.

It was pointed out that Prentice had staged a similar affair some years ago, and
the suggestion made that plans for the local event might be aided by a
consultation with the sponsors there. The latter part of May was considered as an
appropriate time, if plans could be completed by then. Represented: Delegates
from other community organizations, offering support for the project were present
at the meeting, and included: Lloyd Carlson, president of Peace Evangelical and
Reformed Congregation; Mrs. Henry Rau, Royal Neighbors of America; Mrs. Alice
Paulson and Mrs. Leon Chapman, American Legion Auxiliary; Mrs. Frank Seidel,
Women’s Catholic Order of Foresters; Rev. F.H. Sprengler, St. Peter’s Lutheran
Congregation; Mrs. E.J. Werner, president Christian Mother’s Society; Mrs. W.P.
Lehnetz, president, Dorchester Patroness Club; Milton Kronschnabl, commander
Leach Paulson Post, American legion; Roy Wiseman, chief Dorchester Volunteer
Fire Department; Grant Pope, Little Eau Plaine 4-H Club and Draper Women’s club.
Herbert Wilhemi attended for the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce and will
report on the plans to that organization.

Broadcast: Fred Dankemyer Jr., president of the Commercial Club, said that
several clubs had no representation at the meeting and he invited and urged
officers of those organizations to contact the arrangements committee at their
earliest convenience. He pointed out that it is the desire of the Commercial Club
that the event be a community-wide project, and that the support of everyone in
the community is necessary to make it a success.

A letter fro George F. Meyer, owner of radio station WIGM, Medford, indicating a
desire to broadcast highlights of the proceedings on Dr. Foley was favorably
received. President Dankemyer told the 42 members and guests at the 7 p.m.
dinner meeting that he was pleased with the large representation, and expressed
his appreciation for the interest and support given.

Basketball Banquet: The club voted to give its annual banquet for the high school
basketball team, coach and cheerleaders at the next meeting, march 20. Clarence
Vircks, Fred Schwierske and Warren Otto were appointed a committee to make
arrangements and formulate a program. Franklin Fritsche and M.S. Sorenson were
appointed to sell tickets.

In other matters, the club discussed the need for a local veterinarian and
possibilities of securing one as president of the village and reiterated its desire to
be of whatever aid it can to the village board on the community hall project. The
matter of a warning signal at the intersection of Highway “A” and the Soo Line
right-of-way in the village also was discussed. Village Clerk, L.D. Sorenson
reported he had no reply to a letter seeking information on the probability of such
a system here and the club offered its aid and assistance in whatever effort the
village board makes to secure such safety equipment. D.A. Kobs showed two
motion picture shorts: one dealing with traffic problems, emphasizing hit-and-run
driving and the other a documentary film on nickel mining.

March 23, 1950 -- Dr. Foley Day Plans Talked At Commercial Club Meeting
Basket ball Team, Cheerleaders and Coach Guests of Club at Annual Banquet

William Zorn, athletic director and dean of men at Eau Claire State Teachers
college, was guest speaker at Monday night’s annual banquet for the high school
basketball team, given by the Commercial Club in connection with its regular
monthly dinner meeting. Mr. Zorn, who has been with the athletic department at
the Eau Claire college since 1928, touched upon the evolution of the present day
basketball game from its early beginnings and contrasted the speedy, high scoring
game of today with the way it was played when he was an active participant. He
also called attention to the many benefits youth derives from active participation,
development of individual sportsmanship, perseverance, courage and cooperation
with others as a direct result of team play, which he described as the prime
requisite for success on the court, or in any field of endeavor undertaken in later
life. C.M. Vircks introduced the speaker, and Coach warren Otto, who in turn,
introduced members of the team and the cheerleaders, and distributed among
players the certificates attesting that the local high school basketball team had
won the district championship at Athens last month. Robert Frautschy showed two
motion picture shorts, a comedy and a visual education film of the University of
Indiana on basketball techniques.

March 23, 1950 - Date Set: Committees to Handle Various Phases of Fete Appointed
Members of Dorchester’s Commercial club were informed at their regular monthly
meeting Monday night, that preliminary publicity on the community’s Dr. Foley
Day had elicited from two classmates of Dr. Foley declarations of intention to
attend the event planned to honor the physician who has served this community
for 40 years. Dr. Hart Beyer, Pittsville and Dr. H.H. Kleinpell, Prairie di Chien,
both of whom attended Rush Medical College, Chicago, at the time Dr. Foley also
studied medicine, had written Postmaster Franklin Fritsche requesting definite
information as to date of the event in order that they might attend.

Date Is set: Drs. Beyer and Kleinpell were issued a formal invitation to attend, with
the request that they inform other classmates of the plans, and relay invitations to
them. May 27 has been definitely selected as date for the observance of Dr. Foley
Day, M.S. Sorenson, chairman of the general committee on arrangements for the
event, announced at the meeting. The committee, comprised of Mr. Sorenson,
William Jantsch and E.J. Fuchsgruber, also made selections from among residents
of the community to plan and supervise the various activities in preparation for the
event. The personnel was announced at the meeting, and the committee
chairman pointed out that all named committees would be notified by letter to
their selection.

Committees: Committees, and their chairman include: publicity, W.P. Lehnetz;
program, D.A. Kobs; parade, Robert Frautschy; banquet, Mrs. William Sedlack;
baby(persons delivered by Dr. Foley), Dr. A.W. Schief; concessions, Clarence
Miller; soliciting, Fred Dankemyer, Jr., William Sedlack and Grant Pope, executive
committee in general charge of three committees for each township of the
surrounding community and one each for Dorchester, Abbotsford and Stetsonville.
F.V. Hiebsch was appointed treasurer of all finances connected with the event and
H.A. Juneau was named master of ceremonies.

It was pointed out at the meeting that a banquet planned for the close of the day’s
activities would be limited to attendance by Dr. Foley, his immediate family, and
visiting dignitaries. Plans had been considered to include all “Dr, Foley Babies”
but lack of room at the club house where the banquet will be held made that
impossible. And it was pointed out that there are no cooking facilities at the
Recreation Hall which would seat a larger crowd.

April 20, 1950 -- Commercial Club Plans Free Shows During Summer
Club to Discontinue Meetings During Summer; Ladies Night Planned For Fall

At its regular monthly meeting Monday night, The Dorchester Commercial Club
planned to again sponsor free shows for the entertainment of residents of the
community each Wednesday night during June, July and August. The business men
voted to pro-rate the cost of the free show program among themselves and to
secure the services of Bernard Gall to show the pictures.

The 32 members who attended the 7 p.m. dinner meeting of the club, also decided
to have village business places open Wednesday evenings beginning May 3 for the
convenience of customers whose work makes it difficult for them to do their
trading during daytime hours. The Wednesday evening openings will be observed
throughout the summer.

A discussion also arose regarding the relative merits of Friday and Saturday night
openings, during which it was pointed out that when the Friday night opening was
given a trial here several years ago it met with little approval from the

Also, that another town of the area which presently observes open Friday nights is
considering a return to open Saturday nights. The discussion resulted in a decision
to keep open hours Saturday nights throughout the year, with the additional open
night on Wednesdays during the summer months.

President Fred Dankemyer announced that the club had been asking to judge the
4-H Safety Speaking Contest for this area of Clark County on May 16, and that the
next meeting of the club would be held then instead of the regular meeting date,
which is May 15. The club voted to have contestants as guests at a dinner
preceding the safety talks. Among other action taken at the meeting was a
decision to again suspend meetings during June, July and August, this year, with
the first meeting in the fall, on Sept. 18, to be “Ladies Night” at which members
wives would be guests of the club; and a decision to again sponsor the attendance
of a local youth at Badger Boys State in Ripon this summer.

May 11, 1950 -- Plans Proceed For Dorchester’s Dr. Foley Day — Parade and
Program Committees Report On Progress for Event

Dr. F.P. Foley will ride in the place of honor in the parade which will lead off
general activities on Dr. Foley Day here, May 27. He will ride a new convertible
automobile following a series of outmoded vehicles depicting the evolution of
transportation modes from the horse-and-buggy of his early years here to the
present day automobile. The Dr. Foley day is being arranged by a grateful
community in recognition of the doctor’s over 40 years service watching over the
health of residents of this village and surrounding area.

Dr. Foley’s activities for the day will begin at 9 p.m. at a special High Mass in St.
Louis Catholic Church, of which he and his family have been communicants
throughout the years. Following the mass, Dr. and Mrs. Foley, their families and
visitors who come for the occasion, will be guests of the Christian Mother’s Society
at a breakfast in the parish hall.

Baby Registration: Registration of Dr. Foley babies will be held at 10 a.m. in the
club house. Dr. A.W. Schief, chairman of the baby committee, said today that
many are writing in but that many more haven’t yet identified themselves and he
appealed to all who can possibly be in attendance at the fete to notify him
immediately. Over 150 of the thousand or more persons, Dr. Foley helped into the
world have declared their intentions of attending the fete, and taking part in the
parade which will get underway at 1 p.m.

To date, about 30 floats built on the theme of congratulating dr. Foley have been
entered in the parade, and four high school bands, from Abbotsford, Medford
Colby and Dorchester will provide music and added color for the march which also
will include veterans organizations from Dorchester and towns of the surrounding
area, all in uniform, with color guards. The “Dr. Foley Babies” will complete the
parade, which gives promise of approaching a half mile in length.

Program: The program proper will commence with a concert of marches and
novelties by the four high school bands massed as one, following which there will
be introductions and responses of officials of sponsoring organizations and visiting
dignitaries. The high-point will come with an address on “Community service” by
a speaker from this area and introduction of Dr. Foley to the gathering, at this
time too, he will be presented with a cash purse as a token of appreciation.

October 19, 1950 -- Commercial Club to Purchase Scoreboard For Community Hall
Dorchester’s Commercial Club in monthly meeting at the club house Monday night
undertook to raise funds for purchase of an electrically operated scoreboard and
timer for the basketball court in the village’s new municipal auditorium. A some
what smaller than usual number of members were present for the 7 p.m. dinner
meeting of the civic group.

Literature describing a number of different timers was examined by club members,
who noted that the cost ranged from $400 upward, and M.S. Sorenson, Neal Smith
and C. M. Vircks were appointed a committee to choose from among the various
models and plan methods of raising the funds

Other business to come before the meeting included suggestions for increasing
services of village businesses, and plans for a guest night, tentatively set for soon
after the first of the new year. For that meeting each member was instructed to
bring a farmer as his guest. At that meeting, as for ladies night, dinner tickets will
be sold in pairs, two for $3.00.

February 1, 1951 -- Commercial Club Elects Schwierske 1951 President
Members Aid Asked in Supplying Furnishings For New Community Hall
Fred Schwierske, member of the local high school faculty, was elected president of
the Dorchester Commercial Club at that organization’s much postponed annual
election Thursday evening January 25. He succeeds Henry Gruny, who was
appointed interim president upon the resignation of Fred Dankemyer last summer.
W.C. Pinter was elected vice-president; Henry Genrich, secretary; and M.S.
Sorenson, treasurer. They succeed respectively, John Mertens, Clarence Miller and
Bernard Staab. Herbert Wilhelmi was chosen trustee for a three-year term.
Albert Mertens and L.D. Sorenson reported to the gathering of 28 at the dinner
meeting on progress at the community hall, reporting that village business men
had obligated themselves to purchase materials for finishing interior walls of the
building, and requesting help from club members to do the work. All will be
informed when their services are needed and are expected to make themselves

Auditorium Chairs: The village officials also stated that an almost exhausted village
treasury would not permit purchase of chairs for the building and that residents
help with that was asked. The chairs were stated to cost about $4.00 each and an
appeal was made for every family in the community to purchase at least one.
The public school faculty has been approached with a request to organize students
help in contacting residents and it also was stated that contributions would be
taken at the bank; from persons who are not contacted. Unanimous participation
is desired. Utilization of the large room at the front of the new hall also was

February 22, 1951 -- Commercial Club Discusses Formal Hall Opening — Votes
Its Services to Plan Celebration in Observance Of Building’s Completion

Dorchester’s Commercial Club, in regular monthly meeting Monday night,
discussed proposed spring-time activities for the community, the need of safety
signals at the railroad crossing in the village and voted to give the club house a
good scrubbing and overall cleaning next Monday night Feb. 26. Twenty seven
were present for the 7 p.m. dinner meeting and another dinner is planned for the
March meeting — on the 19th. All members are requested to appear at the club
house Monday night and bring with them such paraphernalia is as needed for a
thorough cleaning, including vacuum cleaners. Neal Smith volunteered to furnish
hot water and Henry Gruny will have the building thoroughly heated in the interest
of workers comfort and to facilitate scrubbing.

Hall Opening: The club also voted to volunteer its services to the village board to
promote a formal opening event for the new community hall, which was used for a
public function the first time Tuesday night when the Aces played a basketball
game there with an Eau Claire team. President Fred Schwierske appointed M.S.
Sorenson, W.P. Lehnetz, Frank Seidel, Gordon Schief and Alfred Hinke a general
committee to prepare a plan for some community wide function to officially open
the hall.

Considerable discussion of a spring carnival, formerly an annual event which has
been allowed to lapse the past few years, resulted in the appointment of LaVerne
Sauter, Otto Genrich and Henry Gruny a committee to plan such event. It was
pointed out at the meeting that recently there have been several near-accidents
and one actual mishap at the grade crossing of Highway A and the Soo Line rightof-
way in the village and that the railroad company has evaded any committment
in correspondence concerning safety signals there.

Chair Collections: A report on collections for purchase of chairs for the new hall
indicated that they were coming in rather slowly. It again was announced that
receipts for contributions to the chair fund would entitle holders thereof to
admission at a party to be staged when the drive for funds is completed.

June 28, 1951 -- Commercial Club Votes $450 For Hall Curtains - And Sets Fall
Fair and Carnival Dates For the Middle of September

At its regular monthly meeting held in the Alkar Hotel dining room Monday evening
following a 7 p.m. dinner, the Dorchester Commercial Club voted to cancel its July
meeting, voted funds toward purchase of curtains for the new hall and discussed
plans for a fall fair and festival. W.C. Pinter presided at the meeting in the
absence of the president.

General layout and cost of curtains to dress-up the stage of the new municipal
auditorium were explained briefly to the meeting by W.P. Lehnetz for Village Clerk
L. D. Sorenson, who was unable to attend. A discussion involving curtains and
bleachers followed with the club deciding to contribute $450 toward purchase of
the curtains estimated to cost a total of $1100. Included are a draw curtain for
the front, side and back panels, all of heavy, velvet-like material; a scallop for the
top front of fireproof material and ceiling covering.

Festival: C.M. Vircks reported on progress his committee has made on plans for a
fall fair and festival to include exhibits by the several youth organizations of the
community and a street entertainment. He said that the Greaser Amusement
Company was available for booking here Sept. 14, 15 and 16, and those dates were
chosen for the event. A discussion arose as to location for the doings, with a
tentative agreement to locate the concessions on Front Street before the club
house, and display exhibits in the club house. Location near the municipal
auditorium, with that building housing exhibits, also was considered.

July 21, 1951 -- Village Board Buys Stage Curtains For New Hall — Commercial
Club and Parent-Teacher Funds Applied to Finance Purchase

At its regular monthly meeting in the village hall last Friday evening, Dorchester’s
village board of trustees transacted routine business and contracted for stage
curtains for the new hall. A representative of a Twin City firm met with the board,
regarding selection of the curtains, displayed his wares, and received the board’s
order for materials. A maroon cotton-velvet curtain was selected by the board
which with installation will cost $1,240.

Funds provided by the Dorchester Parent-Teacher Association, in the amount of
$510 and the Dorchester Commercial Club, $450, given to the village board for
that purpose will be applied to that price and since hall funds are low, it was
arranged that the seller carry the remainder of $280 until January 1952.
Installation of the curtains will be made in August, with the 15th to 20th as latest
date for completion of installation.

January 24, 1952 -- Commercial Club’s Activities Reviewed At Annual Meeting
Eighteen members attended Monday night’s annual meeting and election of the
Dorchester Commercial Club, held at the club house. The meeting began with a
7 p.m. dinner prepared by Mrs. Oscar Violand, assisted by a club committee
comprised of M.S. Sorenson, Donald Sauter and Fred Schwierske.

Children’s Hour — L.D. Sorenson reported that village authorities planned
Saturday afternoon playtime weekly at the hall for youngsters from grades one
through eight, and said that supervisors for the playtime were sought. Club
members volunteered, and conduct of the play hours from 2 to 4 each Saturday
was mapped.

Activities of the club during the past year were briefly reviewed and the
treasurer’s report showed a deficit for the year of about $150. The report also
showed about $400 turned over to the village toward purchase of stage curtains for
the new hall and over $400 spent for the electronic score board installed in the
hall. Some discussion was held of fund raising activities to erase the deficit.
At the election, E.G. Beisner was chosen president of the club: L.D. Sorenson, vice
president; David Schreiber, secretary; and M.S. Sorenson was re-elected treasurer.
Fred Schwierske, outgoing president, was named to the board of trustees for a
three year term. Other outgoing officers are: Henry Genrich, secretary and W.C.
Pinter, vice president.

Round-Up: Alvin Meyer has received the Wisconsin Industrial Commission’s
approval of plans for bleachers to be installed in memorial Hall and that
installation is expected to be completed by Feb. 10.

February 21, 1952 -- Commercial Club Begins Plans for Spring Carnival
Annual Basketball Banquet Planned for Next meeting March 17

In the absence of the president, Lloyd D. Sorenson, vice president, serving as
chairman of Monday evening’s regular monthly Commercial Club meeting
appointed Harold Lunde, M.S. Sorenson and Alvin Meyer a general committee to
begin plans for the Dorchester Spring Carnival, sponsored annually by the club.
The committee was empowered to select such other committees from among club
members as become necessary to execute plans for the event, now planned for
April 18 and 19. Seventeen members attended the meeting, which opened with a
7 p.m. dinner prepared by Mrs. Oscar Violand, with the aid of M.S. Sorenson and
Donald Sauter, dinner committee.

Banquet March 17: Plans for the club’s annual banquet for the high school
basketball team also were made and C.M. Vircks, Fred Schwierske and Gordon
Schief were named to the program committee for the dinner to be held at the next
meeting, March 17.

Discussion of a farmer-guest meeting with members playing host each to a
individual not a club member, resulted in tentative plans for such dinner to be
held at the April meeting, and Frank Seidel, F.V. Hiebsch and W.P. Lehnetz were
appointed a program committee.

Saturday Playtime Successful: Reports of members who have supervised the youth
play-time at Memorial Hall Saturday afternoons indicated that it has been
enthusiastically accepted by boys of the community, and discussion resulted in
plans for a similar program for girls being laid. The girls program will be from 10
to 12 Saturday forenoons. Formal dedication of Memorial Hall again came in for
attention at the meeting, with action deferred until a future meeting.

March 20, 1952 -- Commercial Club And Guests Hear Elroy Hirsch Mon.
Basketball Awards Presented High School Team at Annual Banquet Monday

About 50 Commercial Club members, guests and high school basketball players
attended Monday night’s annual basketball banquet and guest night of the club.
The attendance was considerably smaller than anticipated, with numerous club
members failing to attend, while some members of the cage team were absent.
Famed Grid Star: Elroy Hirsch, end with the champion Los Angelus Rams
professional football team, was the featured speaker of the program. He briefly
described professional football, related anecdotes of games in which he has played
and answered questions about the game and individual players put by those
present. He prefaced his remarks with complimentary reference to Memorial Hall.
A motion picture of highlights from several games played by the Green Bay Packers
last fall, which he brought to the meeting, was shown following the banquet.
Award Presented: The Rev. F.H. Sprengler served as master-of-ceremonies at the
banquet, introducing Hirsch and Warren Otto, local high school coach, who in turn
introduced the team members and cheerleaders to the gathering as he presented
awards for the past season. Present were Arlan Busse, Ronald Busse, Dennis
Mertens, Jack Miller, Edwin Broeske and Donald Sprengler, team members; William
Rau, team manager; Dorothy Miller, Arlene Stelzel, Dorothy Hennlich and Warren
Leslie, cheerleaders.

May 22, 1952 -- Commercial Club met On Schedule Monday Night
Fifteen members attended the regular monthly meeting of the Dorchester
Commercial Club Monday night at the club house. Following a 7 o’clock dinner the
organization received the financial report on the annual spring carnival, agreed to
an arrangement whereby the beer license for the barroom in Memorial Hall is to be
issued to the club, voted to finance a two-week stay at Camp Wabeek for a
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Froebel, voted a get well message to Andrew
Siegert, a hospitalized member and heard a talk on artificial breeding of cattle.

June 26, 1952 -- Report To Commercial Club On Refreshment Fund For Barn Crews
Fifteen members attended the regular monthly meeting of Dorchester’s
Commercial Club, held in the club house Monday night. After the 7 p.m. dinner,
prepared by Mrs. Bernard Gall with W.C. Pinter, F.V. Hiebsch and W.P. Lehnetz as
dish washers, a short business meeting voted discontinuance of the dinners at July
and August meetings, and heard report of the building committee which
recommended that a preservative be applied to the exterior of the club house, and
that the windows be reputtied. Members were alerted to the possibility of being
called upon some evening for the putty job.

It was reported that Dorchester’s business men have subscribed over $100 in cash
and considerable quantities of beer to a fund to provide lunches for crews cleaning
up debris of the Friday the 13th windstorm. While the clean-up got underway
quickly and now is practically completed, the refreshment program was organized
in time to provide eats at most places the storm ravaged. Considerable funds
remain, however, and with that it was planned to provide lunches at barn raisings
as long as funds hold out. First raising so serviced was at the Harold Winchell farm
just west of the village, Tuesday.

November 26, 1953 -- Commercial Club Plans for Santa’s Visit to Village
Commercial Club Bags Candy For Kids During X-Mas — Backlog of Business Also is
Transacted at Club meeting Monday Night

Santa Claus’s visit to Dorchester was set for the afternoon of Saturday, Dec. 12 at
a meeting of Dorchester’s Commercial Club Monday night. Several dates were
made available by Santa and the club serving as spokesman for Dorchester business
men who annually sponsor his appearance in the village, chose the second
Saturday before Christmas in order not to interfere with near-Christmas plans of
community residents. A full afternoon’s program is planned this year and everyone
in the community, parents as well as children are invited. A free movie will be
shown at Memorial Hall to open the festivities and following that bags of Christmas
treats will be distributed among the youngsters by Santa, who is expected to arrive
during the show, and his helpers. David Schreiber, Dan Kramer and Elmer Krueger
were appointed a committee to see that Santa has plenty of treats and good ones
for all to come. About 600 bags were distributed last year, and indications are
that more will be needed this year, so at least 700 will be available. The
committee assures all visitors there will be plenty. Election Plans: W.P. Lehnetz,
Dr. A.W. Schief, Don Sauter and Dan Kramer were appointed to the arrangements
committee, and Santa’s helpers were named to include L.D. Sorenson, Eugene
Skerbeck and F. Kieser, with others yet to be called upon. Bernard Gall, through
Mrs. Gall who, with Mrs. Oscar Violand, prepared the 7 p.m. dinner preceding the
meeting, announced that they would supply the movie free of charge to the club.

Gordon Schief, Albert Mertens and Frank Duellman were named a nominating
committee to submit candidates for the club election to be held at the next
meeting, Dec. 7. Dr. C.E. Harrie, Medford veterinarian, a guest of the club,
showed little interest in a proposition that he establish an office in the village to
serve farmers in this community. A rather lengthy discussion turned up nothing to
convince him that such a move is feasible and finally Albert Mertens and Donald
Sauter were named a committee to explore possibilities further.

Ernest Mehner showed a sketch of Dorchester signs for placement on Highway 13.
The village board contemplates purchase of two such and the sketch was shown for
the information of business men. The signs proposed would be 4 x 18 feet with
two foot letters within an arrow, all of light-reflecting materials and were
estimated at $142 each. An Owen concern had prepared a similar sketch with
submitted price of $165 each.

Club House Transfer: Lowell Maxam, as spokesman for Leach-Paulson post,
American Legion, appeared before the board with the Legion’s request that title to
the club house be transferred to the post. Discussion brought out that the
veteran’s organization which uses the building for its meetings, wants to make
extensive improvements but is reluctant to put the expense into another body’s
property. Resulting alternate proposals were considered and appointment of a
committee to investigate and discuss the matter before reporting to a later
meeting of the club was made. Named to the committee by L.D. Sorenson, who
presided at the meeting of 16 members, were Clarence Vircks, Albert Mertens,
Alfred Hinke, Dr. A.W. Schief, Eugene Skerbeck and Clifford Wetterau.

March 11, 1954 -- Eugene Skerbeck Elected to Head Commercial Club — Small
attendance at Monday Meeting Tables Other Business For Later Action

Commercial club members, at an election in the club house Monday night, chose
Eugene Skerbeck president to head the club for the next year. He succeeds L.D.
Sorenson elected vice-president at the last election, who has been serving as
president. C.M. Vircks was elected vice-president, Gordon A. Schief, secretary and
M.S. Sorenson, was named to succeed himself as treasurer. Out-going secretary is
David Schreiber. A committee appointed at the last meeting to make
recommendations on a Legion request for title to the club house, reported to the
meeting. The report favored transfer of the property under certain conditions and
stipulations. It was tabled for action at the next meeting, which was set for April
19. The tabling action was taken because the eight members present felt their
numbers were not representative of the club membership and that a majority of
members should be present as an action of such importance.

November 18, 1954 -- Commercial Club Votes Club House Deed To Legion
Approval Given At Monday Meeting: Santa Claus Day Is Set For Dec. 18

At the regular monthly meeting held Monday night in the Block Hotel, Dorchester’s
Commercial Club voted approval of a resolution to deed its club house to Leach-
Paulson Post No. 517, American legion. The proposition had been under
consideration by the membership for approximately a year and a committee
recommended transfer some time ago. Another group, appointed at the October
meeting of the club, prepared the resolution and members in attendance Monday
night approved the move. The transfer was made conditional; upon stipulations
that the Commercial Club be granted perpetual right of occupancy to the building
and that it never be sold. Specifically, it stipulated that in case the new owners at
any time desire to relinquish the property it must revert back to the club.

Santa Claus Day: A discussion of Santa Claus day, annual financed by Dorchester’s
businesses with arrangements made by the Commercial Club, resulted in Dec. 18
being set for the event, which annually attracts up to 600 or 700 youths.
Committees were named for the event, with instructions to make preparations for
that day.

The matter of closing all businesses in the village at 5:30 p.m. daily except
Saturdays was discussed, with no action taken other than to seek to ascertain how
businesses not represented at the meeting felt on the proposal.
Noon Meeting: In an effort to attract a larger number of members to future
meetings, the 14 present at Monday night’s meeting which opened with dinner at 7
p.m. voted to hold meetings at noon in the future. The thought being that it
probably is easier to spare the noon hour than take an evening off for the
meetings. Alfred Hinke and Max Vircks were appointed a committee to sell tickets
for the meal at the next meeting. Also considered at the meeting was a proposal
by Max Vircks that each member of the 14 there bring another member to the next
meeting. C.M. Vircks, M.S. Sorenson and W.P. Lehnetz were appointed a
nominating committee to select a slate of candidates for club offices to be elected
at the December meeting, defined by the by-laws as election.

December 23, 1954 -- Memorial Hall Nearly Filled For Santa Claus Day
Dorchester Commercial Club’s noon meetings got off to an auspicious beginning
Monday, when 25 members and guests appeared for luncheon and meeting at the
Block Hotel. That was the greatest number to have attended a meeting in the past
several years. At the business meeting following lunch, reports on a successful
Santa Claus Day were made by committees, officers elected for the year 1955,
5:30 closing of businesses was tabled and community chest discussion was laid over
for the next meeting.

Of an exact 700 bags of treats sacked up for children visitors on Santa Claus Day,
about 75 remained at the close of festivities and the club voted to divide that
remainder among churches of the village. The number distributed compared about
evenly with that passed out in previous years.

The full slate of current officers was re-elected for the next year, as follows:
Eugene Skerbeck, president; C.M. Vircks, vice-president; Gordon Schief, secretary;
and M.S. Sorenson, treasurer. The next meeting of the club will be held during the
noon hour on Jan. 17. Members are urged again to appear promptly at 12:00
o’clock in order that business may be handled during the allotted time.

January 20, 1955 -- Commercial Club Will Meet The Evening of Feb. 21
At its regular monthly meeting in the hotel Monday noon, Dorchester’s Commercial
Club discussed plans for a special merchandising event with customer participation
in the spring. An abundance of ideas advanced on the matter, and in order to
thoroughly explore the subject, the February meeting of the club was set for the
evening of Monday, the 21st, to open with dinner at 7:00 o’clock.

David Schreiber produced a list of names of over 200 doctors who have declared a
desire to locate in Wisconsin and a committee was appointed to contact individuals
on the list with a view toward considering this community as a field of practice.
A community chest proposal, under consideration of the club for several meetings,
was finally abandoned Monday. Some opinions were that under local conditions,
such a project would be just as likely to compound conditions it sought to control
as to alleviate them. Fourteen members of the club were present.

November 10, 1955 -- Commercial Club Sets Dec. 17 for Santa Claus Day
Jerry Radlinger Elected President of Organization for the Coming Year

Dorchester’s Commercial Club at a dinner meeting in the Block Hotel Monday night
voted to sponsor Santa Claus Day for the village, set the date and elected a full
slate of officers for the coming year. Eighteen attended the meeting which
opened at 7 p.m. and a discussion of Santa Claus Day followed immediately upon
the dinner. At the election: Jerry Radlinger was named president; Robert Rottier,
vice president; John Pinter, secreatary and M.S. Sorenson, treasurer. Out-going
officers, respectively, were Eugene Skerbeck; Clarence Vircks, Gordon Schief and
M.S. Sorenson. A board of trustees also was chosen as follows: Eugene Skerbeck,
three year term; Alfred Hinke, two year term, W.P. Lehnetz, one year.

Welcome: The club also took note of business changes within the village during the
past several months and gave a rising vote of welcome to all new owners and
managers of businesses within the village. For future welcomes, it was voted to
publish an advertisement of welcome signed by the Commercial Club, in the
Clarion, as businesses change hands or new ones are established.

Santa Claus Day was set for the afternoon of Saturday, Dec. 17. The annual
Christmas party for children of the community will be conducted along the lines
dictated by tradition with a program in Memorial, visit by Santa Claus and gifts of
treats. Jerry Radlinger was appointed chairman of the program and entertainment
committee and he was instructed to select such help from among village residents
as he deemed necessary, to include Richard Schattl, Alvin Meyer and Bernard Staab
who were appointed by the chair.

David Schreiber, John Pinter, Elmer Krueger and James Richter were appointed a
purchasing and bagging committee. M.E. Vircks was charged with the
responsibility of collecting funds from residents to finance the project. W.P.
Lehnetz, Otto Genrich and M.J. Weix were appointed an advertising committee.
All committees were requested to hav reports on accomplishments ready for report
at the next meeting of the club Dec. 4.

December 15, 1955 -- Santa Claus Will Make His Annual Visit Here Saturday
Arrangements have been completed for Dorchester’s traditional Santa Claus Day,
which this year will be held Saturday of this week, Dec. 17. Dorchester’s business
men, sponsors of the annual Christmas party for the community, today issued an
invitation to all children of the community, and their elders, to be the village’s
guests at the party in Memorial Hall.

Program plans include a show at the hall where Santa will be host and following
which he will pass out Christmas treats to every boy and girl present. The
committee in charge is including every boy and girl for miles around in its plans
and sponsors of santa’s visit want every child to come.

Bagging of treats will take place in memorial Hall tonight (Thursday) and every
business man of the village is urged to make an appearance there and help with
the job, which is heavy work for a few but a light and pleasant task for many.
Committee members pointed to the good turnout for the job last year and urged
equal participation by as many this year.

Saturday’s program will begin with a three-part movie on Christmas and comedy
which the committee selected with a special view towards the likes of boys and
girls. The program is scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m. and following the movie
santa will pass out, with the aid of his helpers, the generously-filled bags of candy,
nuts, etc. Santa’s helpers reported this week that 700 bags will be filled tonight
and there will be reserve stocks, so that if more than that number of guests are
present, all are assured a bag of treats.

Dorchester’s business men have contributed $325 towards financing Santa’s visit to
the village and declared it their hope and desire that this year’s Christmas party
will be the best and most successful of a long line of the festivals tradition in
Dorchester. A cordial invitation is extended to all children and their parents of the
community and surrounding area to attend the party.

January 19, 1956 -- Spring Carnival Discussed at Commercial Club Meeting
Seventeen members of the Dorchester Commercial Club discussed possibilities of a
spring carnival in the village, and committees were appointed to develop plans for
such an event, with emphasis on an outdoor affair, at Monday night’s meeting of
the club. Financial reports of the club treasury and santa Claus fund were given at
the meeting. Final accounting showed the total cost of Santa Claus Day was $360.
The meeting began with a dinner at 7:00 p.m. in the Block Hotel dining room and
adjourned about 9:30 p.m.. The club’s participation in the Farm Institute recently
held here also was reported on. Members present voted that the next meeting will
be held at the hotel on feb. 20 to open with a dinner at noon.

March 22, 1956 -- Commercial Club Plans For Athletic-Ladies Night
At the regular monthly meeting in the Block Hotel Monday night, Dorchester’s
Commercial Club discussed a bargain day event for the village and planned a dance
for mid-April. Twenty members were present for the meeting which opened with
dinner at 7 p.m. In other action, the club voted to combine “Ladies Night” and a
banquet for the high school basketball team, to be held on the next meeting date,
April 16. A committee was appointed to plan for the occasion.


Although it says that the next meeting will be held on April 16, 1956 — It is my
belief that the last meeting of the Dorchester Commercial Club was held on March
22, 1956. This is the last time that any Clarion news relating to “The Dorchester
Commercial Club” could be found and so it appears that over the years, the
businessmen of the community found less and less value in spending the time,
energy and financial resources to maintaining the club. Also, the mid-fifties was
the beginning of the end for many small independent businesses. Customers being
able to travel to bigger towns via auto became a standard and things just cost less
in the larger communities due to buying power of the larger stores. While the
Commercial Club existed from November of 1934 thru March of 1956 - much good
was done by those who bought and sold products in the small hamlet of
Dorchester. They provided much joy to the children of Dorchester and the
surrounding area by sponsoring Santa Claus Day where free movies and candy were
always in abundant supply. They started the Dorchester Day Activities which
promoted their business and provided for special discounts on certain days. They
recognized the high school athletes by providing a banquet each year. They made
financial donations to the high school for band equipment and other needed items.
They were instrumental in the construction of the Dorchester Memorial Hall and in
donating the Basketball Score Board and the Stage Curtains and other items.