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 The demise of the Dorchester Commercial Club which occurred early in 1956 brought about the birth of the Dorchester Lions Club. The last meeting of the Commercial Club that the writer could verify took place on March 22, 1956.

Jerry Radlinger was the last President elected and that election took place on
November 10, 1955. All of the data contained within these writings are
articles from the Dorchester Clarion Newspaper.

The Dorchester Clarion paper of May 31, 1956 had the following headline:

Organization of Lions Club for Village Planned

Three representatives of the Wisconsin Association of Lions Clubs were in the
village Monday exploring the possibilities of organizing a Lions club for
Dorchester. Harold Johnson, Adams, district governor; Tom Polnaczek, Thorp,
zone chairman and S.A. Monsour, international representative and state
secretary from Merrill, talked with a dozen or more local citizens and reported
considerable interest among them favorable for the organization.
Because of the interest shown, an organization meeting has been set for next
Thursday night, June 7 at 8:00 o’clock in the Block Hotel. All persons in the
community - village and surrounding area - interested in the welfare of the
community; are invited and urged to attend the meeting and invited too, to
become charter members of a local Lions club. The Thorp Lions, organized 25
years ago, is sponsor for the local organization campaign.

Secretary Monsour pointed out to local residents Monday that the Lions
organization is the largest and most active service club organization in the
world. As of April 30, this year, the Lions counted 542,000 members in 12,400
clubs in 75 countries on six continents. Lions objectives are to create and foster
“generous consideration”; promote theory and practice of good government and
good citizenship; an active interest in civic and commercial, social and moral
welfare of the community; full discussion of matters of public interest and to
encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standards in business and

June 7, 1956 -- Lions Organization Meeting At Block Hotel Tonight

A meeting for the announce purpose of organizing a Lions club for Dorchester
will be held in the Block Hotel dining room tonight (Thursday) at 8:00 o’clock.
Those in charge have extended an invitation to all persons in the village and
surrounding area who are interested in the welfare of the community, to attend
the meeting.
June 14, 1956 -- Lions Meeting At Hotel Tonight

Sixteen local persons Monday had applied for membership in a Dorchester Lions
Club when it is organized and in a meeting to organize will be held in the Block
Hotel tonight.

The meeting will open at 7:00 o’clock with dinner, with the business session
scheduled to get underway at 8:00. S.A. Monsour, in notifying applicants of the
meeting, emphasized that “It is most essential that every charter member
attend this important meeting”. All persons of the village and surrounding
community interested in the welfare of the community also are invited to attend
the meeting. Those who cannot be present for the dinner are advised that they
are welcome at the meeting to follow. At tonight’s meeting, it is planned to
adopt constitution and by-laws, elect directors and officers and for that reason
all who have declared intentions of becoming members are urged to attend.

June 21, 1956 -- Dorchester Lions Club Organized Last Thursday

Fifteen citizens of the village met in the Block Hotel dining room last Thursday
night and organized the Dorchester lions Club. Jerome Radlinger was elected
president of the new club: Bernard Johnson, first vice-president; L.D. Sorenson,
second vice-president; Louis Sebold, third vice-president; M.S. Sorenson,
secretary; Donald Sauter, treasurer; Elmer Krueger, lion tamer; Robert Rottier,
tail twister; C.M. Vircks and W.P. Lehnetz, directors for two years; M.J. Weix
and LaVerne Sauter, directors for one year.

S.A. Monsour, state secretary from merrill, was installing officer, and talked on
the aims of the Lions organization. He cited that there were 12,400 Lions Clubs
in 75 countries and welcomed wholeheartedly the local members into the family
of over half a million members of Lions International, stating he deemed it a
pleasure to share Lionism with you. The installing officer explained operation of
a Lions club, the duties of officers and committees and the implementation of
such duties in a talk following installation.

Charter Night — Harold Johnson, Adams, district Lions governor, spoke briefly to
the meeting, stressing punctuality and cautioning against pessimism. He
emphasized that pessimism had absolutely no place in the thoughts of Lions and
urged that the club combat it among other members of the community.
Tom Polnaczek and three other members of the Thorp Lions club, sponsors in the
Lions organization for the local club, attended the meeting and gave tips on
conduct of club affairs. Ray Purette, Spencer Lion and David Lehnetz also were
guests at the meeting.
Thursday, July 26 was set as the charter night meeting for the new Lions club,
which now numbers 20 members and who settled upon 25 as charter
membership. The second and fourth Thursdays of each month were chosen
meeting nights and dues were set at $1.00 per month; including local, state and
international payments. Members at the meeting were presented Lions charter
membership pins following installation of officers.

The 20 members of the new Lions club are: Bernard A. Johnson,
Elmer C. Krueger, Walter P. Lehnetz, Jerome L. Radlinger, Robert H. Rottier,
Donald A. Sauter, LaVerne Sauter, David R. Schreiber, Louis J. Sebold,
Richard L. Schattl, Gordon Schief, Lloyd D. Sorenson, Morris S. Sorenson,
Clarence Vircks, Marzell J. Weix, Franklin J. Fritsche, James B. Richter,
Albert Mertens, Dr. Alvin W. Schief and Rev. F.H. Sprengler. The last five
members were unable to attend the organization meeting.

June 28, 1956 -- Lions Will Meet Tonight In Hotel Dining Room

The Dorchester Lions Club will meet in the Block Hotel dining room at 6:30 p.m.
today (Thursday) for dinner with the regularly scheduled meeting set to follow.
Except for charter night; July 26, it will be the last Thursday meeting for the
club, if recommendations of the organization’s directors are adopted. The
directors in meeting Thursday night of last week, voted to change meeting dates
to first and third Mondays of each month, opening at 6:30 p.m. The first
meeting at the date to be July 16. The board discussed various matters of club
business and findings will be submitted at tonight’s meeting.

July 5, 1956 -- Lions Club Hears Talks By Visitors From Thorp Club

With three new members reported at Thursday night’s meeting of the new
Dorchester Lions Club and three others having declared their intentions of
becoming members of the club, the meeting voted to hold open charter
membership in the club until charter night, July 28. New members are Ralph
porter, Carl Mertens and Ray Gebert. All persons of the village and surrounding
area interested in the welfare of the community are invited to become members
of the club. Thursday’s meeting was held in the Block Hotel dining room,
opening with dinner at 6:30 p.m. Jim Harycki, president and Tom Polnaczek of
the sponsoring Thorp Lions Club were guests at the meeting and spoke briefly,
emphasizing the importance of committee members giving full cooperation in
furthering aims and projects of the club.

The membership approved a recommendation of the board of directors that the
meeting date be changed to the first and third Mondays of each month; with the
next meeting set for 6:30p.m. July 16, at the hotel. Other action of the board
at a recent meeting was discussed.

 August 2, 1956 -- Lions Club Chartered At Ceremonial Thursday

Lionism was officially launched in Dorchester last Thursday evening when
Lawrence C. Jensen of Wausau, governor of Lions District 27C, presented the
charter for Dorchester Lions Club to Jerome L. Radlinger, president. The
presentation culminated organization activities which began here in late May
and continued through June and July. The Thorp Lions Club sponsored the
local organization.

Local club members, guests from neighboring communities and their wives were
present for the charter night program and banquet in St. Louis parish hall.
Guests came from Thorp, Medford, Adams, Merrill, Rib Mountain, Stevens Point,
wausau, Schofield, Withee, Marshfield and Chippewa Falls. Members: —
Charter members of the club total 34: Jerome, L. Radlinger, president; Bernard
Johnson, L,D. Sorenson, Louis J. Sebold, first, second and third vice-presidents,
respectively; M.S. Sorenson, secretary; Donald A. Sauter, treasurer; Elmer
Krueger, Lion Tamer; Robert Rottier, Tail Twister; C.M. Vircks, W.P. Lehnetz,
M.J. Weix, LaVerne Sauter, directors; Donald Albrecht, Franklin Fritsche,
Raymond Gebert, Elmer Krueger, Albert Mertens, Fred Reynolds, Neal Smith,
Clifford Wetterau, Connie Harrelson, Carl Mertens, Rev. Gerald Schuh, Martin H.
Parsons, Ralph Porter, James B. Richter, Richard Schattl, Dr. A.W. Schief, David
R. Schreiber, Gordon A. Schief, Herman Sebold, Melvin Knippel.
Gov. Jensen, in his charter presentation talk, reminded the new lions of their
responsibilities to their community and to their club. He lauded work of the
Thorp lions Club which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and said it had
greatly influenced its community during the past quarter-century. He stated
rewards were great in the satisfaction of achievement and urged all members of
the new club to extend every effort to achieve success. Individ ual members of
the Dorchester club were given recognition by Gov. Jensen as he made the
presentation. Mr. Radlinger spoke briefly in response and acknowledgement of
the presentation and pledged the cooperation of the new club with the ideals of
Lionism. He also opened the meeting which began at 7:15 p.m. with 131
members and guests in attendance. The Rev. Gerald F. Schuh offered invocation
and benediction prayers.

Speaker: — The Christian Mothers Society of St. Louis Parish served the banquet
at which Fred R. Lewis of Stevens Point, a past governor and present
international Lions counselor, was toastmaster. He introduced Harold Johnson
of Adams, immediate past governor of District 27C who was featured speaker of
the evening. Mr. Johnson discussed at length activities of Lions Clubs in
Wisconsin with special emphasis on the most recent state project: a summer
camp in Portage County for visually handicapped children.
He described the 80 acre tract including a lake within its boundaries and said
that the property which cost $18,000 initially was rapidly being developed. He
pointed out that aid to the blind is one of the services of Lions, and that
heretofore there had been no provision for summer recreation for the state’s
visually handicapped.

The speaker also cited means by which local Lions may aid the blind and visually
handicapped of their respective communities. He also discussed the recent
international convention of Lions at Miami, Florida and reported that a Manawa
resident, Clarence L. Sturn was there chosen a vice-president and would be
elevated to head Lions International in 1959. Shafee A. Monsour of Merrill, state
secretary and international representative of Lions, addressed welcome remarks
to the gathering and briefly discussed the aims and purposes of Lionism.

September 20, 1956 -- Broom sale To Be Conducted By Lions Club

Eighteen members of the Dorchester Lions club were present at the regular
semi-monthly meeting in the Legion hall Monday night. The meeting which
opened at 7 p.m. with dinner concerned itself with discussion of plans for
activities by the club and financing of those activities. Accordingly, plans were
laid for a canvass of the village with a broom sale on next meeting night.
Teams of two members each will be assigned sections of the village to carry on
the house-to-house canvass. Starting at about 6:30 p.m. Following the canvass;
dinner and meeting will be held. The brooms now are on sale at several
business places.

Arnold Cook was appointed chairman of a committee to plan a Halloween party
for the young people the night of Oct. 31. He outlined for members a program
to include movies and games with prizes for those attending.

Phone Booth: A letter from D.E. Peterson, president of the Midway Telephone
Company with the information that an outdoor booth for the village is planned,
was read. It was a reply to a petition by the club that such installation be made.
The letter requested suggestions as to location for such booth and it was pointed
out that Richard Schattl had offered space on his Block Hotel property. The
company plans to put the booth in at the time of the dial phone installation,
sometime in November. A discussion also was held relative to holding a turkey
shoot or similar activity, resulting in appointment of a committee to explore
chances for staging such event here.

September 27, 1957 -- W.R. Munroe Feted At Meeting Of Lions Club

Four guests and 12 members attended Monday night’s meeting of the Dorchester
Lions Club in Legion hall. The meeting, at which William Munroe who will move
to California next week, was guest of honor, opened with dinner at 7 p.m.
Other guests were the rev. Harold Welch and two members of the Medford Lions
Club, W.R. Kramer and Robert Dettmering. Called upon to speak, Mr. Munroe
briefly reviewed his sentiments toward the community, expressed a certain
regret at leaving and concluded with the statement that Mrs. Munroe had been
reluctant to move here in 1908 and that they had agreed that the next move
would be to California.

The club discussed a ladies night meeting and set the date for the meeting
nearest Valentine’s day as an appropriate time. Committees were charged with
again producing a Halloween party this Oct. 31 and it was suggested that plans
be made for a later activity for the older youths of the community.

April 23, 1959 -- M.S. Sorenson Is Elected President Of Lions Club

At the annual election, held a bit early this year, the Dorchester Lions Club
named a slate of officers headed by M.S. Sorenson to the several positions at the
head of the club. Other officers are Elmer Genrich, M.J. Weix and Fred
Reynolds, first, second and third vice-presidents respectively; Herman Sebold,
secretary; Fred Reynolds, treasurer; Alfred Hinke, Lion tamer; Adolph Gorke, tail
twister; C.M. Vircks and Elmer Krueger, directors. All officers were elected by
acclamation when opposing nominees for president, secretary and treasurer
declined nominations which had been made previously by a nominating

Twelve members and a visitor, Arthur Lindner of Medford, attended the meeting
which opened with dinner at 7 p.m. in Legion Hall. Lion Lindner, Medford depot
agent, informed the meeting that an excursion train was planned for the
Spencer-Ashland run if enough fares to pay the costs were sold. The excursion is
being run to provide a train ride for those desiring it. Interested persons may
contact Robert Rottier or Alfred Hinke. The gathering was informed also that
Elmer Krueger, outgoing secretary, had been cited by state and national Lions
organizations for punctuality and accuracy of his reports. President Vircks
reported that Warden Kenneth Coyle had told him that fish will be planted in the
village pond in May or June, to provide angling sport for youngsters. The clinic
project was discussed also with results reported elsewhere.

May 21, 1959 -- Lions Club Will Put Scotchlite On All Bicycles

The Dorchester Lions Club Monday night voted to conduct a campaign to put
“scotchlite” reflecting material on every bicycle in the community at a safety
meeting to be held in connection with the next regular meeting of the club,
which will be Monday June, 1.

All bicycle owners of the village and surrounding trade area are requested to
bring their wheels to the Legion hall on that evening (June 1) at 7:00 o’clock, at
which time Lions Club members will furnish and affix the reflecting material. A
traffic officer has agreed to deliver a talk on safety to the wheel-owners while
the work is being done. He will stress the importance of safety habits and rules
of the road, how bike-riders are affected and their responsibilities in traffic.
The Lions will have their dinner at 6:45 that evening and hurry meeting routine
to the end that youth be served with dispatch.

Surfacing: Twelve members attended Monday night’s meeting which opened
with the usual dinner and covered a variety of subjects. Clifford Wetterau,
village president, reported he had assurance that village streets would be
surfaced this summer. The high mortality rate among trees planted last year
along Highway “A” received attention and M.S. Sorenson and Donald Albrecht
were appointed a committee to see if at least partial replacement could be
secured from the supplier.

It was reported that all is in readiness for the village fish pond and Lion Albrecht
reported receipt of fishing line to be used as prizes in contests planned for the
summer. The club voted to sponsor a blind person at the Lions blind camp,
sending the fee (about $30) to the state organization for disbursement.

August 6, 1959 -- Lions Club Plans Fiesta For Village Sunday, Aug. 16

Members of Dorchester Lions Club have laid plans for a Charcoal Chicken Fry and
sporting events to be held in the village Sunday, August 16. Monday night’s
business meeting of the club was given over to the planning, which is lead by
Donald Albrecht, Fred Reynolds and Lloyd Carlson, president of the club.
The first named two made arrangements for the frying of chicken and upon the
go-ahead from the club have secured the services of a firm which specialized in
that work. The chickens will be served in half portions with a variety of
potatoes, salad or chips, or similar food. It was reported to the meeting that
the fryer will set up his own charcoal pit for the preparation and he guarantees
all his fowl to be cooked done. The Lions Club members now are conducting an
advance ticket sale, at $1.25 per adult portion of half chicken and smaller
servings for children at 75 cents. Along with the chicken fry, arrangements are
being completed for the Clark County horseman’s group to stage a horse show
and there also will be games for the youngsters.

The horse show has been a crowd-pleaser throughout the area this and past
summers and the Lions feel that it will present entertainment to please all who
attend the local fiesta.

Fifteen Lions Club members attended Monday night’s meeting which opened
with dinner at 7 p.m. A quartet of Thorp youth sang several selections after
the meal at which they were guests. Also guests at the meeting were three
Lions members from Thorp; Marvin Vircks, Gilmer Bowe and Arthur Mayer.
Members expressed a measure of disappointment at the high mortality rate
among fish recently stocked in the village pond. It was thought that there
were too many fish and that they were improperly handled between netting
at Marshfield and dumping here.

President Carlson named service committees for the coming year and ordered
the reinstitution of “farmer friends night” at which two members bring a
farmer friend to each meeting; with Elmer Genrich and L.D. Sorenson to do so
for the first September meeting. The September meeting was set for Tuesday
Sept. 8 because the regular meeting time is Labor day.

August 13, 1959 -- Entertainment To Feature Charcoal Chicken Fry Here

Succulent chicken, cooked to just the right turn over hot charcoal embers is
promised all who partake of Dorchester’s first annual Charcoal Chicken Fry,
scheduled for the park on Front Street, Sunday August 16. Serving will begin
at 11:00 a.m. and continue until all have eaten.

Members of Dorchester Lions Club, which is sponsoring Sunday’s event
guarantee that the chicken will be fully cooked and emphasize that the
guarantee means what it says – cooked done. The chicken fry is only part of
Sunday’s program as announced by Lloyd Carlson, Lions Club President,
releasing committee reports today, which include plans for an afternoon of
Clark County Riders, Inc., a group of horsemen and horsewomen on their
mounts will feature a parade scheduled for 2:15 p.m. on Front Street and
following the equestrians will be a bicycle parade and doll buggy parade for
the younger set. All youngsters are invited to enter these sections of the
parade. And the committee in charge, still working on the event, will have
added features by Sunday.
Entertainment plans today provide for a tug-of-war between Town of Mayville
and Town of Holton men with undisclosed prizes. And so the men will not be
burdened with the full entertainment program, a nail driving contest is being
arranged for the women. There will be games and contests for the boys and
girls too; and without doubt, the work of the entertainment committee will
produce more activities by the time Sunday arrives.

Promising fun for the whole family, the sponsor invites everyone in the
community and surrounding territory to Dorchester Sunday afternoon, for
good eating and good entertainment.

August 20, 1959 -- Hundreds Visit Village For Sunday’s Fiesta

Approximately 500 meals of charcoal fried chicken were served visitors to the
village Sunday, as they came to partake of the Dorchester Lions Club first
annual charcoal chicken fry. Many other visitors from the surrounding area
came to witness the parade and games which were run for entertainment
during the afternoon.

Lions Club members, headed by President Lloyd Carlson, expressed
satisfaction for the success of the event and extended thanks and
appreciation to all who came for making it the success it was. Town of
Mayville men won the featured tug-of-war from a segment of Dorchester’s
male population who subbed in for Town of Holton men who failed to appear
for the event. The visitors enjoyed a case of beer as a reward for their
efforts. It is thought the success would have been even greater if harvesting
hadn’t kept many farmers in the fields.

Clark County Riders, Inc. To the number of about 40, featured the parade
held during the afternoon. Here again, it was reported that more of Clark
county’s organized equestrians would have participated but for harvest work
interfering with their attendance. Decorated bicycles led the parade,
followed by girls and their dolls and buggies, with prizes awarded those
judged best. There were also a number of foot races and special events run
during the fiesta. These, however, were spontaneously conceived, hurriedly
organized, and informally run. Hence no record was kept of the winners nor
of the events themselves and there were no results for publication.

All concerned were satisfied at day’s end that a fine afternoon’s
entertainment had been had and even those who worked hardest were
resolved to produce similar affairs within the near future.

Nov. 5, 1959 -- Dorchester Lions Club Will Be Host at Zone 1 Initiation

The lateness of the season was illustrated Monday night when the Dorchester
Lions Club started plans for the annual Santa Claus Day for Dorchester. M.S.
Sorenson was appointed solicitor of funds for the event, traditionally shortly
before Christmas and Donald Albrecht, L.D. Sorenson and Arnold Cook were
appointed to the committee on arrangements.

Richard Hurth and Richard Polnaszek of Abbotsford were announced as new
members among the 19 assembled for the meeting which opened with dinner
at 7 p.m. M.J. Weix, Jerome Radlinger and Lloyd Carlson were appointed a
committee to act for the club in its afflilate-membership of the Memorial
Hospital of Taylor County. Arnold Cook reported on the Halloween parade
and party.

Zone Initiation — Jerome Radlinger, chairman of Zone 1 of District 27C,
announced the zone initiation of new members had been accepted and that
the initiation would be held in legion hall Monday night, Nov. 9. That also
will be the second November meeting of the local club, moved up from Nov.
16 because the latter date falls in deer hunting season.

Twelve or thirteen new members will be initiated, including three from the
local club. The governor of District 27C, Gust Hammerlie of Wausau, is
expected for the initiation meeting; as well as other district and possibly
state officers of the organization. Clubs comprising zone 1 of District 27C are
Dorchester, Prentice, Ogema, Medford, Thorp, Gilman and Withee. Each is
expected to be represented by president and secretary at Monday’s meeting.

November 5, 1959 -- Community’s Youths Enjoy Halloween Party

Over 170 children and young people of the community were guests of the
Dorchester Lions Club at a Halloween party in Peace church hall Saturday
night, Oct. 31. The program opened at 7 o’clock with the showing of a
number of motion picture cartoons and included the giving of awards by Lion
President Lloyd Carlson for prize winning costumes in the parade held
Saturday morning. Every guest also was given a bag of treats.

November 12, 1959 -- Lions Joint Initiation Held Here Monday

Thirteen members from three visiting clubs participated with Dorchester Lions
Club at a Zone 1 initiation of new members in Legion hall here Monday night of
this week. The initiation climaxed the zone’s activities in a membership drive
and eight were initiated members of four clubs at ceremonies conducted by
Gust Haemmerle of Wausau, governor of Lions District 27C. New members are
Richard Polnaszek of Abbotsford, Richard Hurth and Gilmer Bowe, Dorchester;
Leander Schneider and Arnold Wajerski, Gilman; Wayne Haima and Donald J.
Berns, Thorp; Don Christensen of Withee.

Visitors: Other visitors present were Al Van Der Heuvel and Daniel Boone of
Gilman, Dick Plansky and Tom Polnaszek of Thorp, Myron Fritsch of Withee,
Delbert Huss and Ray Galpeau, Sr. Of Merrill and Dist. Gov. Haemmerle of
Twenty members of the local Lions club attended the meeting which began
with dinner at 7 p.m. The meeting was the regular meeting of the club moved
up from Nov. 23 to avoid a conflict with deer hunting but the business session
was dispensed with to permit transaction of the special business.

After opening the meeting President Lloyd Carlson introduced Delbert Huss,
deputy district governor, as master of ceremonies for the occasion. Ray
Galipeau, a past director of Lions International, spoke briefly on Lionism
locally and across the world. He told the assembled Lions that they belonged
to the greatest service organization in the world and touched on their benefits
from and responsibilities to Lionism.

Duties: During the initiation ceremony, Gov. Haemmerle lined up initiates
and their sponsors on opposite sides of the room and addressing the new
members, explained the duties of each to Lionism and to one another. He
presented the new Lions with copies of the organization’s constitution and
tokens of their membership. He also discussed the aims of Lions clubs and in
some detail told what Lionism tries to do and what it expects from Lions.
Following initiation, the district governor spoke on Lionism in District 27C, the
territory it encompasses and the number of clubs it comprises and discussed
very briefly activities of the 50 clubs within his jurisdiction. Zone 1 of District
27C is comprised of Lions clubs at Omega, Prentice, Medford, Dorchester,
Gilman, Thorp and Withee. The first named three were not represented at
Monday’s joint installation.

January 21, 1960 -- Lions Club Thinks Proposed Factory a Risky Venture

The Dorchester Lions Club in bi-weekly meeting Monday night voted
congratulations to Mr. And Mrs. Anselm Schmid Jr. Upon entering into business
in the village by buying the Dorchester Hardware. Members passed a
resolution to make the congratulations public by publishing an advertisement
in The Clarion. Discussion revealed other recent business starts in the village
and it was decided to include Alfred Baker and his new garage in the same
advertisement. Editors Note: No mention was made of Baker’s TV, operated
by Gerald Baker from special quarters provided within the building erected
last summer. Conceivably, the omission is an oversight on the part of the
Lions, since the TV business of Jerry, and his father’s automotive repair are
operated under the firm name of Baker’s Garage & TV.

Risky Venture: Frank Demuth and O.A. Lindloff of Wisconsin Dells described
and discussed their plans for a factory to build mobile motel units, for which
they seek capital and a site. With Demuth doing the bulk of the talking for the
two men; discussion between speakers and club members elicited a
capitalization and financing plan advantageous to the promoters.

Expressions of extreme wariness regarding the proposal were general among
the 20 men present after the departure of the Dells men.
Street Lights: Clifford Wetterau, village president; Elmer Genrich, trustee and
L.D. Sorenson, reported the village board is discussing a possible
modernization of the street lighting system in the village.

Previously discussed plans for a throwaway advertising sheet to be published
by the Lions Club received further attention at Monday’s meeting. W.P.
Lehnetz, publisher of The Clarion suggested to the meeting that there is real
cause for concern regarding the effect on the village newspaper of additional
competition for the advertising dollar.

He explained that a throwaway sheet would have a definitely adverse effect
upon the newspaper, pointing out it was no exaggeration and entirely probable
that such a sheet would deal the newspaper a mortal blow.

August 11, 1960 -- Second Annual Dorchester Day Will Be Sunday

A barbecued beef dinner will feature Dorchester Day, scheduled for Sunday;
with games, contests and prizes culminating in a free street dance in the
evening furnishing diversion for the visitors. Emphasis is on gastronomy for
the day with refreshments, hot dogs, bratwurst, hamburgers and barbecue
beef being served., The eating will begin Saturday night, Aug. 13. Also set to
begin Saturday night is cooking of the beef, which will be barbecued as a
whole carcass during the night and up to serving time which begins at 11:00
a.m. Sunday, Aug. 14. Saturday night serving of refreshments and foods will
be for the nourishment of visitors who are invited to witness the barbecuing
and for those who will be tending the roasting.

The Dorchester Lions Club, sponsoring the Dorchester Day festivities; the
second such event to be held here, invites every member of all families in the
area to attend, promising something doing for each one. Entertainment for
young and old with prizes are promised all afternoon.

The barbecue pit is now being set up on the Soo Line right-of-way just north of
the Sebold Oil Co. installation; where the serving will take place along with
Sunday’s program. Norm Lindau and his band will play for the free street
dance to be held in the evening.

August 18, 1960 -- Large Crowd Here For Second Dorchester Day

Several hundred persons visited the village on the second annual Dorchester
Day Sunday, which was acclaimed a pronounced success by the sponsoring
agency, Dorchester Lions Club. The day of entertainment was instituted by
the club last year with a charcoal chicken fry and this year a barbecued beef
featured the event.

The block of Front Street from the Mertens Garage corner south was the scene
of the celebration with the barbecue pit situated in the Soo Line right-of-way
just north of the Sebold Oil Co. installation. Dinner was served in the O & N
Lumber Co. shed. A beer stand occupied the street, with concessions located
in and about the American Legion Hall. The layout provided ample room for
the festivities.

Nearly Half A Thousand Barbecue Dinners Served: Richard Hurth, president of
the Lions Club, reported the first of the week that although total figures were
not in, an estimated nearly 500 persons ate dinner on the grounds. Many more
pounds of meat were sold during the day in grilled hamburger and bratwurst

The beef was barbecued as a whole carcass beginning about 8:00 a.m.
Saturday and was the object of a certain amount of curiosity during the
cooking time. A Monday report on the activity at the beer stand placed at
about 15 half-barrels the amount of amber fluid consumed on the premises
during Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night.

Horse Pulling Contest Prizes In Two Classes: A horse pulling contest attracted
the attention of considerable numbers of the crowd for a couple hours in the
afternoon. A total of seven teams of horses were entered in two divisions of
that event which was staged about where the stock yards used to stand at the
lower end of Front Street. Ray Sersch of Spencer received a $15 first prize in
the light team pulling. His team at 3190 pounds needed 9 tries to eliminate
three contenders. Second place winner of $10 was the 3190 pound team of
Phillip Matten.

August 24, 1961 -- Large Crowds Make Third Dorchester Days a Success

Crowds estimated at up to 2500 persons attended the third and most
successful of the annual Dorchester days Saturday and Sunday. They
consumed an entire beef which was barbecued whole above a charcoal pit
right on the grounds and also disposed of mountains of bratwurst and gallons
of beer at a nearby refreshment stand.

Enlarged again from last year’s fiesta Dorchester Days was planned for
Saturday and Sunday where it had been only a Sunday affair in the past. A
concessionaire with rides and other attractions was brought in also. This
provided a Ferris wheel and kiddie rides not previously a feature of the
Dorchester Day celebration. The block between Highway “A” and Memorial
hall was filled with the several stands and rides. Dinner was served in
Memorial Hall, with preparations other than cooking the steer occurring in the
former school kitchen.

Mrs. Otto Genrich won the prize of boat, motor and trailer which was a
feature of the planning and execution of Dorchester Days. This year the
Dorchester Lions Club, Dorchester Volunteer Fire Department and Leach-
Paulson Post No. 517 of the American Legion cooperated in putting on the

The tractor-pulling contest, a Sunday feature and new to Dorchester Days,
kept an estimated couple thousand persons interested for three hours. The
competition produced four winners in each of four divisions from a field of 22
entrants. Actually fewer than 16 won prizes since Jim Weber, Sylvester
Geiger and Clifford Marcott each placed in two divisions. The winners follow.
They are named in the order in which they placed:
(1-2-3-4) in each classification. Prizes were identical in each: $20 - $8 - six
gallons oil - $2.50. Class A - 4500 pounds and under - Jim Weber, Sylvester
Geiger, John Stubbs and Clifford Marcott. Hundreds of prizes contributed by
merchants and other businessmen of the community were given away during
the two-day celebration.

October 19, 1961 -- State Tractor Pull Contest Attracted Large Crowd Here

Nearly half of 35 entries took prize money in the first state tractor pull contest
staged here Sunday. Prizes were awarded four places in each of four classes
for the event which attracted drivers and spectators from the surrounding
area. First prize in each class was $20 - second $7 - third $5 -
and fourth $2.

A crowd variously estimated at from 1100 to 1500 persons was on the grounds
for the competition which was held on the municipal parking lot across
Washington Avenue from memorial Hall.

Places were decided by drivers hooking onto weighted skids and pulling them
along a prescribed route with individuals getting aboard at staged intervals.
When the load became too great for the tractor to drag it further; the
distance traveled was measured and that compared with the distances
managed by other tractors along the route. Interest indicated and
demonstrated by both participants and spectators led the sponsors of the
event, the Dorchester Lions Club to plan another of the events for spring.
Winners in each class at Sunday’s event follow, listed in the order in which
they placed, first, second, third and fourth.

Class A tractors weighing 4500 pounds and under: Marlin Vircks of Stetsonville,
on a Ford pulling the load 62 feet 3 inches; James lapp, Dorchester; Farmall 48
feet 5 inches; George Lewandowski, Dorchester, Massey-Ferguson, 37 feet 4
inches; James Weber, Colby, John Deere,
24 feet 3 inches.

Class B 5700 pounds and under: Dale Geiger, Dorchester, International 128
feet 3 inches; Lawrence Stelzel, Dorchester, Allis Chambers, 128 feet 11
inches; Richard Franke, Stetsonville, Ford 117 feet 5 inches; Ed Hollman,
Dorchester, Massey-Ferguson Diesel, 108 feet 11 inches.

Class C 7000 pounds and under: Bernard Geiger, Colby, Farmall 124 feet 9
inches; Ray Deml, Medford, Massey Harris, 124 feet 5 inches; Vernon Niemuth,
Stetsonville, Allis Chambers, 122 feet 11 inches; Weber Bros. Cletus Weber
driving Co-op 122 feet.

Class D 8250 pounds and under: George Lewandowski, Dorchester M.T.A., 138
feet 2 inches; Jim Gutenberger, Colby John Deere, 137 feet 11 ½ inches;
Vessey Geiger, Dorchester, Farmall, 137 feet 9 ½ inches; Roland Pitski,
Stetsonville, Ford 6000 Diesel, 135 feet 5 inches.

June 14, 1962 -- Richard Hunsader Is New President Of Lions Club

Newly elected officers of the Dorchester Lions Club were installed at the
regular monthly meeting of the club Monday night. Donald Albrecht outgoing
president, was installing officers for: Richard Hunsader; Alfred Hinke, first
vice-president; LaVerne Sauter, second vice-president; Dennis Mertens, third
vice-president; Adolph Gorke, secretary treasurer; Fred Reynolds, lion tamer;
John Stubbs, tail twister; James Ortlieb, Gerald Ludwig, Clifford Wetterau and
Jerome Radlinger, directors. At the next meeting, July 9, the Lions Club will
put reflector tape on children’s bicycles.

June 28, 1962 -- Dorchester Lions Will Apply Reflector Tape To Bicycles

Members of the Dorchester Lions Club will affix reflector tape markings to
bicycles of the community at legion hall Monday evening of next week, July 9.
Every owner of a bicycle in the village and the surrounding community is
requested and urged to bring the bike in for this treatment.

The markings will begin at 6:45 p.m. and during the taping, bike owners will
be guests of the Lions Club at a safety talk to be given by Dave Bertz of the
Clark County law enforcement department. The application of reflector tape
is being done in the interests of safety for bicycle riders in order that their
vehicles may be more conspicuous and thus less likely to become involved in
traffic mishaps. Officer Bertz will explain the rules of traffic in his talk and
also point out safety rules for bike riders.

Richard Hunsader, president of the Lions Club, today said that the club would
like to see every bicycle in the community brought in for the reflector tape

July 12, 1962 -- Dorchester Days Will Attract Crowds Here

An early feature of Dorchester Days this year is a free fireworks display Friday
night, opening day of the weekend village celebration sponsored by the
Dorchester Lions Club, Dorchester Volunteer Fire Dept., and the local Leach-
Paulson Post, American Legion. The firing of pyrotechnics is scheduled for
soon after dark Friday night. If the weather cooperates, it is expected rides
and concessions will be operating on the grounds where Dorchester Days was
held last year.

The sponsoring organizations have spared no effort to arrange a big program
for the entertainment and amusement of visitors at the celebration July 13,
14, and 15. Every member of the family will find something to his or her taste
at Dorchester Days. The three day festival will close with fun and frolic
Sunday night at a free street dance. Norm Lindau and his band will play for
the dance. The Neuber Rides moved onto the scene earlier this week and will
provide a variety of rides for the street carnival which also will feature
concessions, games and a variety of refreshment stands. The carnival will be
located in the block between Highway “A” and memorial Hall. An added
Dorchester Days feature this year is a Fish Pond; where in addition to game
lucky anglers will catch prizes, worthy of the skill of the best fishermen. It
will be open all three days.

Tractor Pulling Contest: Sunday’s feature attraction will be a Wisconsin State
Tractor Pulling Contest. A $20.00 first prize is offered in each of five tractor
weigh classes and there also are second and third prizes in each class. An
estimated $200.00 will be distributed in prizes at this event which will begin
Sunday at 9:00 a.m. Dorchester Days which began four years ago as a
charcoal grilled chicken feast, is being held a month earlier this year.

Previously held in August, there were frequent conflicts with other
observances in the area. A regularly - scheduled Dairyland League baseball
game will be played on the school diamond by Dorchester and Prentice during
the afternoon. Everyone in the community and neighboring communities is
invited to come to Dorchester during Dorchester Days for a good time and
entertainment and amusement for the young and the old.

July 19, 1962 -- Thousands Are Entertained At Dorchester Days Weekend

One of the largest crowds ever to visit Dorchester attended the third and final
day of Dorchester days on Sunday. The number of visitors was variously
estimated at from 2500 to 3000 persons. They came to witness the Wisconsin
State Tractor Pulling Contest and a baseball doubleheader between Dorchester
and Prentice and amusement and entertainment on rides and concessions here
for the festival.

Many remained or returned for a free street dance in the evening, abbreviated
somewhat by late showers. There also was a dance in Memorial Hall Saturday
night which attracted crowds because of chill and dampness of the carnival
grounds. The fourth annual Dorchester Days was extended to three days this
year and was again sponsored by the Dorchester Lions Club, Dorchester
Volunteer Fire Department, and Leach-Paulson Post No 517, American legion.
The block between Center Avenue and Memorial hall was filled with midway
attractions which included Earl’s Rides, games and concession stands,
refreshment stands and food stands.

A fishing pond with live trout was an especially attractive concession for young
and old alike. Prizes were awarded each day for the largest fish caught. A
fireworks display highlighted the Friday evening program and was witnessed by
a fair sized crowd which braved the cool weather to attend.

The tractor pulling contest was held Sunday afternoon on the Memorial Hall
parking lot and was free to spectators. The competition produced three
winners in each of the five classes from a field of 29 entries.

April 4, 1963 -- Decide To Form Development Corp. In Village

Dorchester’s business men, meeting in Legion hall Monday night, decided upon
incorporation of an organization to promote: Industrial growth within the
village. Dennis Mertens volunteered (in the absence of other volunteers) to
institute the process of incorporating the Dorchester Area Development Corp.,
and preliminary steps are being taken.

Members of the Clark County Industrial Development attended the meeting
including Harry Wasserberger, chairman, Joe Keating of Thorp, Bert
Cattanach, raymond Neuman. Atty. Donald Johnson of Neilsville accompanied
them here. The meeting again discussed the need for such organization,
decided on such organization and then was informed by the visitors of the
procedure involved in its formation.

April 18, 1963 -- Development Corporation meeting Set For Monday

The process of incorporation of the Dorchester Area Development Corporation
is well along toward completion according to word from Atty. Donald Johnson
of Neilsville, to Dennis Mertens who is working with the attorney in the
incorporation. A report of the progress will be given at a meeting in Legion
hall Monday night of next week, April 22.

At this time too, it is expected that organization of the corporation may be
completed with the election of a board of directors to conduct its affairs. The
board of directors will elect officers from among its members. All interested
persons of the community are invited to attend the meeting Monday night,
April 22, at 8 p.m. in Legion hall here.

April 25, 1963 -- Elect Board Of Directors For Development Corp.

Village boosters interested in the Dorchester Area Development Corp. met
Monday night in Legion hall and elected a board of directors of the newly
formed organization. Atty. Donald Johnson of Neilsville who drew up the
articles of incorporation and filed them with the state, reported on the action
taken on the authorization made at the last previous meeting. Corporation
papers have been filed with the secretary of state and the Clark county
register of deeds.

Monday night’s meeting voted the board of directors to include five members
and elected to the board: Dennis Mertens, James Maurina, Elmer Krueger, L.D.
Sorenson, John Pinter.

October 24, 1963 -- Lions Club Host at Dinner For Champion Baseball Team

The Lions Club was host to players and management of the Dorchester
Baseball Club at dinner Monday evening in Legion hall. The team stayed for
the club’s regular meeting and an hour of fellowship was enjoyed by both
hosts and guests.

Clifford Wetterau spoke briefly in complimentary the team on winning the
Dairyland League championship. He emphasized the appreciation of the club
and the community for the fine sportsmanship demonstrated by the individual
players and the team and lauded the management for its part in making the
team a success.

Jerome Ludwig, team manager, spoke for his club, thanking the Lions club for
the dinner and the notice accorded the team. He stated further, that all
players and team officers extended sincere thanks and appreciation to the
community for the fine support enjoyed during the campaign to the
championship and attributed much of the team’s success to the fine support
given it by the community residents. The champions had a 13 - 1 won lost
record for the league season.

May 21, 1964 -- John Stubbs Is Elected President of Lions Club

The Dorchester Lions Club held election of officers at the May 4 meeting.
John Stubbs was elected president, Herman Sebold, first vice-president; James
Maurina, second vice-president; Adolph Gorke, third vice-president; M. S.
Sorenson, secretary-treasurer; Arthur Meyer, tail twister’ Fred Reynolds, lion
tamer; Clifford Herman and Elmer Krueger, directors. The new officers will be
installed at the July meeting.

The club voted to sponsor two blind children to blind camp at Rosholt this
summer. It was also voted to have one meeting in June, July and August. The
club has bought 18 flags and standards to be attached to street light poles for
use on patriotic holidays. Lions plan to have them installed for use the first
time on this year’s Memorial Day.

June 18, 1964 -- Dorchester Days Program Features Variety Of Events

The recently popular “hootenanny” has been added to the program of
Dorchester Days which will be celebrated here this weekend, June 19-20-21.
The sixth annual observance of the community festival sponsored annually by
the Dorchester Lions Club, Dorchester Volunteer Fire Department and Leach-
Paulson Post No. 517, American Legion, gets underway with Earl’s Rides
opening up the midway Friday on second Street between the Krueger corner
and Memorial Hall corner.

The free square dance, new to the program last year, proved so popular that it
is repeated this year and will be held Friday night with Fred Justman calling
the tunes. Friday night will see the celebration in full swing with games,
concessions and rides operating on the block-long midway. Saturday is kiddies
day, featuring contests with cash prizes for youngsters from 1 to 4 o’clock in
the afternoon.

The “hootenanny” will take place Saturday night in memorial Hall featuring
the “Blue Js” and John Anderson. Everyone is invited to the performance for
an evening of diversion and entertainment.

Sunday’s program will feature competition, good eating and dancing, starting
at 10:00 a.m. with the weigh-in of tractors for the Wisconsin State Tractor
Pulling Contest. The competition will begin at 1:30 p.m. on the parking lot
north of memorial Hall. Dorchester Days originated with a charcoal chicken
fry in Soo Park on an August Sunday in 1959. So, appropriately, the traditional
meal will be a feature of this year’s celebration with serving beginning at
11:30 a.m. and continuing until all have eaten.

October 8, 1964 -- Youthful Anglers Guests Of Lions Club Monday Night

Boys who won prizes in the Dorchester Lions Club youths fishing contest were
guests of the club at dinner in Legion hall Monday night. The club conducted
the contest for youths under 14 years of age in connection with stocking of the
village pond last spring. Leo Vesely, Art Meyer and Fred Reynolds comprised
the committee in charge.

Three first prizes consisted of a casting rod, hunting hatchet and gun case.
Three tackle boxes were given as second prizes. They were awarded to:
Kenneth Vesely, first in crappie and first in bullheads; Mark Wetterau, first in
bluegills; Gerald Michlig, James Geiger and David Ellenbecker won second
prizes. Away at school, Mark was absent from the dinner so his father Clifford
Wetterau accepted his prize for him.

Leo Vesely, Art Meyer and Timothy Mertens have been appointed a youth
activities committee for the Lions club and they announced this week that the
next project is a Halloween party and plans now are being made for an
evening of fun for youths of the community.

April 21, 1966 -- Elect New Officers for Dorchester Lions Club

The Dorchester Lions Club in regular meeting Monday night made final plans
for a dinner honoring Jerome Radlinger, governor of Lions District
27-C, Saturday night in St. Louis parish hall. Also planned was the District
27- C cabinet meeting which will be held Sunday at 1 p.m. in Dorchester’s new
municipal building. St Peter’s Lutheran Ladies Aid will serve the evening
dinner there. The club earlier this month elected new officers, who will be
installed at the first meeting in July. They are: Adolph Gorke, president;
Clifford Wetterau, first vice-president; Ted Schwoch Jr., second vicepresident;
Jerome Radlinger, third vice-president; Neal Melvin, secretarytreasurer;
Fred Reynolds, lion tamer; Lloyd Carlson, tail twister; Arnold
Rhyner and Alva Hickman, directors for three year terms. Hickman reported
the senior banquet will be Monday evening, May 16, at St. Mary’s Catholic
Church, Colby.

April 28, 1966 -- Over 200 Lions attended Testimonial Banquet for Jerome

Over 200 persons attended a testimonial banquet and program in St. Louis
parish hall here Saturday night. The 204 persons served at the banquet
represented 25 of the 60 plus Lions clubs in District 27-C of the organization.
It was the greatest number to attend a governor’s testimonial within recent
memory of those present.

William Johnson of Wisconsin Rapids, a past district governor, was featured
speaker at the event honoring Jerome Radlinger, district governor the past
year whose term is now ending and his wife Betty. Eight other past district
governors attended as did Ray Galipeau of Merrill, former Lions International
director now editor of Wisconsin Lions magazine and officers of most clubs in
the area. Before the banquet, all members were guests at a social hour in
Memorial Hall.

James Maurina, Dorchester Lions club president, welcomed guests to the
banquet and introduced master of ceremonies Donald Albrecht. Father Schuh
prayed the invocation and the benediction. Tom McLean and Marvin Kohlbeck
led community singing, and the former and Mrs. McLean teamed to entertain
with a pantomime “soft shoe” number.

Distinguished guests were introduced by past district governors Don Shaurette
of Amherst, who also called the rolled of clubs represented: Dorchester,
Colby, Wausau, Arbor Vitae-Woodruff, Marathon, Marshfield, Amherst, Adams-
Friendship, Elcho-Pelican Lake, Butternut, Merrill, Minocqua, Nekoosa, Park
falls, Tomahawk, Withee, Wisconsin Rapids, Phillips, Pittsville, St. Germain,
Rosholt, Spencer, Stettin, Stevens Point, Stratford, Withee.

In his testimonial speech, Johnson praised Radlinger for making an excellent
record as district governor, pointing especially to seven new Lions clubs during
the term. He suggested that all Lions need to welcome members of the new
clubs to the district and make them aware that they are a part of a service
organization. He declared this should begin with proper initiation which
inculcates new members with Lionism’s precepts and helps them to identify
themselves with the membership. The speaker observed that over half of the
members who drop out of Lions clubs have been members less than two years,
indicating they never really felt they belonged. Johnson made the point
strong that while “We want to put more men into Lionism, we want to put
more Lionism into men”.

Radlinger expressed thanks and appreciation for having been accorded the
opportunity to serve as district governor and for the many expressions of
esteem as well for the cooperation given him during his term and for the
testimonial banquet.

Chief among gifts for the guest of honor was a metal boat and Dorchester
Lions Club presented him a check for $600, money raised by the local club to
be given to the Wisconsin Lions Foundation for the state camp for the visually
handicapped. Marshfield Lions gave Mrs. Radlinger a large portrait of her

February 23, 1967 ----- Lions Club Marks Tenth Anniversary With Banquet

The Dorchester Lions Club 10th anniversary banquet was well attended
Saturday evening by members and by visiting clubs. Over 100 were served
dinner at 7:30 p.m. in St. Louis parish hall. Clubs represented were Thorp,
Withee, Colby, Wisconsin Rapids, Nekoosa, Wausau, Stevens Point, Phillips,
Medford, Merrill, Town of Stettin, Arbor Vitae-Woodruff and Amherst.
President Adolph Gorke welcomed members and guests to the anniversary
dinner and Donald Albrecht served as master of ceremonies.

A message from the sponsoring club was given by Thorp Lions Club and Shafeec
Monsour of Wausau enumerated highlights of the club’s activities in 10 years.
Ray Gallipeau, a past state Lions officer was featured speaker and Karl Mess of
Phillips, entertained with his tricks of magic.

Charter member certificates were presented to six of the club’s eight charter
members who also are 10 year members: Donald Albrecht, Jerome Radlinger,
Donald Sauter, Herman Sebold, L.D. Sorenson, M.S. Sorenson.

Charter members not present were Eugene Skerbeck and M.J. Weix.
Several perfect attendance awards were presented: two for 10 years, 2 for 7
years, three for four years, five for two years, 2 for 1 year.

April 20, 1967 -- Lions Club Elected New Officers Monday Night

Clifford Wetterau was elected president of the Dorchester Lions Club for the
next year when the club met Monday night. Other officers elected during the
annual election were Ted Schwoch, Jr., first vice-president; Donald Sauter,
second vice-president; Clarence Ballerstein, third vice-president; Neal R.
Melvin, secretary; Donald Albrecht, tail twister; Fred Reynolds, lion tamer;
Alvin Meyer and Richard Hunsader, directors.

The club members have been divided into two teams to put on the new house
numbers, which is planned for an early date. Reflector tape will be applied to
bicycles at the next meeting, May 1. This will be done at 6:30 p.m. and Police
Chief Leslie Staab will give a talk in safe bicycle practices at the taping.

May 4, 1967 -- Bicycle Safety Stressed at Lions Club Taping Monday

About 50 boys and girls brought their bicycles to Municipal Hall Monday
evening to be safety taped by Dorchester Lions Club members. They heard
explanations of traffic regulations as applied to bicycles given by Leslie Staab,
Dorchester police chief and gave their attention to safe riding practices
suggested by him. Chief Staab and two officers of Clark County sheriff’s
department distributed literature on safety rules and showed films.

Routine club business was transacted after the club’s dinner hour. The
Dorchester Days Committee reported on progress of plans for this year’s
celebration. A committee on the children’s fish pond committee reported
there is no federal or state aid available for the local project because it is too
small. A check is now being made to ascertain if Clark County will provide
financial aid to the project.

The house numbering project of the club was set to get underway on Tuesday
night. It was delayed however by cold weather.

Numbers are on hand and the members will put them on homes and business
places of the village, as time and weather conditions permit. The numerals
are of reflector type paint on substantial weigh metal. Each set of three
stands the club $1 in cost and the club asks each owner of property numbered
to pay that for the numbers affixed to his place.

December 7, 1967 -- Lions Club Meeting Was Monday Night

Twenty three members and one guest attended the Dorchester lions Club
dinner meeting Monday evening in the Municipal Building. The club set
Thursday night, dec. 14 as the time members would pack Santa Claus treats
for children. It will be done in memorial Hall right after supper.

The club named Larry Bengford chairman of the bowling committee to make
plans for the club to enter the Lions bowling tournament next spring in Eau
Claire. It was announced that the Village of Dorchester has joined the Lucky
13 organization, with the Lions Club having paid the entrance fee. The next
meeting, dec. 8 will be the annual Christmas party. Instead of the usual
exchange of gifts, members will donate to the retarded children’s campaign
for funds.

April 18, 1968 -- Lions Club Held Annual Election of Officers Monday

Clarence Ballenstein was elected president of the Dorchester Lions Club for
the coming year at the dinner meeting of the organization Monday night.
Twenty six members attended. Other officers elected were: Ted Schwoch Jr.,
first vice-president; Neal R. Melvin, second vice-president; Donald Albrecht,
third vice-president; Fred Reynolds, lion tamer; Larry Bengford, tail twister;
Clifford Herman, secretary treasurer; Lloyd Carlson, Herman Sebold and Theo.
Schwoch Sr., trustees. Routine business completed the work of the meeting.

July 24, 1969 -- Lions Club Officers Were Installed Monday Night

District Governor Howard Whaples of Vesper was a guest of the Dorchester
Lions Club Monday night and installed the new club officers. He gave a talk on
his trip to Tokyo, Japan where he attended the international Lions convention
in June. New officers of the club are Theo. Schwoch Sr., president; Neal R.
Melvin, first vice-president; Donald Albrecht, second vice-president; Herman
Sebold, third vice-president; Fred Reynolds, lion tamer; Jerome Gebert, tail
twister; Clifford Herman, secretary treasurer; James Maurina, W.C. Pinter,
Ted Schwoch Jr., Carl Mertens, directors.

Sixteen members attended the dinner meeting in Municipal Hall. Along with
installation, routine business was transacted and report was that a sign had
been erected ion Hwy. 13 at entrance to Dorchester, Welcoming Liberty
Homes to our community.

April 23, 1970 -- Neal Melvin Is Elected President Of Lions Club

Neal Melvin was elected president of Dorchester Lions Club at Monday
evening’s dinner meeting. Seventeen members and a guest, Donovan Robida
attended the meeting in Municipal Hall. Other officers elected were Donald
Albrecht, first vice-president; Herman Sebold, second vice-president; W.C.
Pinter, third vice-president; Clifford Herman, secretary treasurer; Jerome
Gebert, tail twister; Frey Reynolds, lion tamer; Art Meyer, Donald Sauter,
Jerome Radlinger and M.J. Weix, directors for two years. James Kline and
Arthur Hinkleman of Neilsville Lions Club spoke to the club on the Red Cross
drive for funds. Clark County has to meet its quota of $6600 for residents of
the county to receive benefits from the Red Cross Blood Bank. The local club
voted to conduct a door to door canvass of the community on Monday, May 18
at 6:30 p.m. for that purpose.

May 21, 1970 -- Lions Club Will Canvass For Red Cross next Week

Sixteen members attended the Dorchester Lions Club dinner meeting in
Municipal Hall Monday evening. Adolph Gorke, Clarence Ballerstein, Ted
Schwoch Jr. and Theo Schwoch Sr. were appointed a delegation to the state
Lions Convention in Stevens Point June 4-5-6.

The canvass for funds for the Clark County Red Cross Chapter will be
conducted by members on an individual basis during next week Monday
through Friday. No materials were available Monday night, the time originally
set for the fund drive. All residents will be solicited next week, Lions Club
members said.

It was announced the local club will have a float in the state convention
parade on June 6 and in the Tri-County Dairy Days parade at Abbotsford on
June 7. The sum of $25 was voted for the Lucky 13 Association to advertise
Dorchester in the brochure published by that organization.

November 19, 1970 -- Lions Club Treated To Moose Dinner By Member

The Dorchester Lions Club met Monday evening in Municipal Hall with 16
members attending the dinner meeting. The dinner featured moose steak as
the main course by courtesy of Lion Adolph Gorke. He brought the moose
back from a recent hunting trip in Canada with friends.

During the business meeting, President Neal Melvin appointed committees to
make plans for Dorchester’s traditional Santa Claus Day next month. The date
will be set and final plans made at the Dec. 7 meeting of the club. For the
fifth year, the club voted to donate $50 to Dorchester Public Library.

Membership also voted to buy six basketballs for youths of the community to
use at recreation activities in Memorial Hall.

April 8, 1971 -- Attendance Awards Made At Lions Club Meeting

The Dorchester Lions Club elected officers Monday evening, inducted nine new
members and presented attendance awards. Lions district governor Joseph C.
Boettcher of Colby was a guest at the meeting attended by 28 members. Gov,
Boettcher inducted the new members: Wayne Underwood, Donald Meyer,
Larry Meyer, Donovan Robida, Norman Seipp, Dennis Mertens, Thomas
Reynolds, Norman Danen and Richard Brandl. He also presented 100 per cent
attendance awards to the following: 13 years, Jerome Radlinger;
6 years, M.S. Sorenson; 5 years, Neal Melvin, Adolph Gorke, Herman Sebold;
2 years, Ted Schwoch Jr., Clifford Wetterau, Clarence Ballenstein; 1 year,
Jerome Gebert, Clifford Herman, James Maurina, W.C. Pinter and
Arnold Rhyner.

Donald Albrecht was elected president of the club for the next year; Herman
Sebold, first vice-president; W.C. Pinter, second vice-president; Arnold
Rhyner, third vice-president; Fred Reynolds, lion tamer; Jerome Gebert, tail
twister; Clifford Herman, secretary treasurer; Donald Meyer, Donovan Robida
and Ted Schwoch Jr., directors. The new officers will be installed at a
subsequent meeting. A youth night is planned for the May 3, meeting.

April 20, 1972 -- The Lions Club Elected Officers Monday Night

The Dorchester Lions Club held election of officers Monday night at the regular
dinner meeting in Municipal Hall. Arnold Rhyner was elected president;
Jerome Gebert first vice-president; Art Meyer, second vice-president; Donald
Meyer, third vice-president; Clifford Herman, secretary treasurer; Dennis
Mertens, tail twister; Fred Reynolds, lion tamer; and the following were
named directors: Norman Seipp, Norman Danen, Jerome Radlinger, Tom
Reynolds, Donald Tischendorf, Wayne Underwood.

The 20 members present made plans to put safety tape on bicycles of
community youths on May 15. The club made $25 donations to the Duane
Pecher and Don Tischendorf families both of whom lost their homes in fire this
month. A donation of $200 was made to the Lions camp for the visually
handicapped at Rosholt.

The Dorchester Clarion’s last printing occurred on January 3, 1973 so any
additional headlines would need to be recorded from personal remembrances.
However, it should be noted that the Dorchester Lions Club has performed
many worthwhile projects over the years and today that same attitude and
concern for others continues. Yes, 60 years later and every month there is a
meeting and dinner so that Lions fellowship can continue to be expressed.
Many of the members are aging but still their generosity towards others and
especially the children who are visually impaired goes on. We salute the
Dorchester Lions Club for all the good they have done over those 60 years.