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Street/Sewer/Water/Public Building Committee Meeting
Aug 31, 2011

Street/Water/Sewer/Public Building Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, August 31, 2011; 6:00 pm


Chairman Wayne Rau called the Committee Meeting to order at 6:13 pm.  Committee members present were Chairman, Wayne Rau, John Smith; Committee member Justin Ingersoll was absent.  Also present:  Village President Dan Krause, Clerk-Treasurer Val Heins, Kirk Skoog and Jeremy Haas of MSA, Larry Gotham of Morgan & Parmley, Ltd., Kevin O’Brien of the TP, Rita Motte, Dean Faude, Rick Golz,  and Jeff Staab.


Update on Capital Improvement Plan with Kirk Skoog of MSA.

Kirk presented the Capital Improvement Plan; additional changes will be made and Plan will be forwarded to the Clerk’s office by Friday, September 2, 2011.  Kirk Skoog of MSA will be presenting again to the Village Board at the Wednesday, September 7, 2011 Board meeting this revised Capital Improvement plan for approval; also funding of project will be discussed. (Copy of Capital Improvement Plan is available at the Clerk’s office)


Review Projects and Steps for WWTF (Waste Water Treatment Facility) and Front Street with Larry Gotham.

Larry presented the Front Street Reconstruction / Proposal B- WWTF Renovations/Cost Estimate and Financing packet.  Village President Dan Krause signed the Color Coded Right of Way Map and bound Color Coded Right-of-Way Map Dorchester Utility Improvement book was presented to the Village Clerk-Treasurer.  (Both above stated items can be viewed at the Clerk’s office)


Discussion and possible action on Street Repair Bid from American Asphalt.

Dean Faude discussed Street repair bid from American Asphalt; Committee recommended approval of Street Repair bid from American Asphalt; recommended the matter to go before the Village Board at the September 7, 2011 Village Board meeting.


Discussion and possible action on Sidewalk repair as pertains to Ordinance #179 Sidewalk Policy.

Committee discussed sidewalk ordinance; Chairman Rau will give list of sidewalk concerns to Dean Faude who will seek estimates for repairs of side walk issues owned by the village; the estimates will be presented at future Committee meeting or October Village Board meeting. (Ordinance #179 is available at Clerk’s office or can be viewed on website www.Dorchesterwi.com)


Discussion and possible action of County Aid Bridge and Culvert Form.

Dean Faude will gather more information and give update at September 7, 2011 Village Board meeting.


Discussion and possible action on Water Meter Issues for Gardeners.

Committee recommended Denying water meter issues for Gardeners; also recommended matter to be brought before the Village Board at the September 7, 2011 Village Board meeting.


Discussion and possible action on UBpro Utility Billing Software.

Village Clerk-Treasurer Val Heins presented information packet from Fineline Services Inc. regarding UBpro Utility Billing software.  Committee approved Village Clerk-Treasurer to confirm price listing and matter to be brought before the Village Board at September 7, 2011 Village Board meeting.


Chairman, Wayne Rau adjourned meeting at 7:43 pm.



Val Heins, Village Clerk-Treasurer

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