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Finance Committee Meeting
Sep 29, 2011
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September 29, 2011     6:30 p.m.


                Chairman Koncel called the meeting to order at 6:50 p.m. with the following member present:  Chairman Debra Koncel, Karen Dunlap, and Wayne Rau.   Also present:  President Dan Krause, Deputy Clerk Cook and Ben Schultz from the TP.

President Krause handed out 6 informational packets to the Finance committee members to review.

President Krause then discussed the Village’s loan that is coming up for renewal.  The current interest rate for the loan is 4.29%.  The Village pays $15,000 plus another $5,000 each month.  Yearly this adds up to $241,000.  With refinancing the interest could go down to 2.25%, which would make the payment on the loan go down to $13,000 monthly.  This would be a savings of $1,700 from October until the year’s end and not making the extra $5,000 payment would save the Village an additional $15,000.  The Village has the lake dredging and Front Street Projects next year and will seek another loan for both projects.


                Pres. Krause stated that he had gotten some information on the wage increases for municipal employees from other communities.  Medford and Neillsville are doing a 2% wage increase while Schofield is only adding 1%.  Discussion was also held on the Clerk-Treasurer’s hours, if they need to increase to 40 hours a week and if she is entitled to retirement.  Also discussed, the current Deputy Clerk is leaving in early October and if that position will be filled. 


                Trustee Dunlap reported that the Fire Department share will stay the same as last year at $48,409.


                The Dorchester Public Library is asking for a $40,000, a $1,000 increase from last year.  This will be discussed further at later meetings.

The amount for meetings will have to be increased for 2012 because of the projects that require extra Board meetings and Committee meetings. It had been $5,100 but may need to increase to $5,500.


                The Election Board was kept the same at $1,000 per year. 


                Employee bonuses for full time Village employees working five years or longer were decreased due to the retirement of the previous Clerk-Treasurer.


                Christmas gifts for Village employees were kept the same.


                Providing the Village maintenance men with shirts instead of a clothing allowance was discussed.


                Pres. Krause informed the Finance committee that Hedland Insurance has not gotten back to him with the final Health Insurance figures for the Village employees.


                Dental insurance for Village employees was also considered.  This issue will be discussed at future meetings.


                The Village’s insurance policies were discussed


                Supplies and equipment for Village of Dorchester was reviewed.  It was agreed that gas, diesel and fuel oil must be increased for the coming year and computer programs and system upgrades were increased to $6,000 for 2012.

Utilities for the Clerk’s office would have to be increased and Pres. Krause is looking into Charter Business for phone and internet for the Shop and Clerk’s office. 

The Finance committee kept the same amount for the 1993 GMC Bucket truck and decreased lawn mowers from $10,000 to $2,000.

Education of Village employees was increased from $1,000 to $4,500 for the Clerk-Treasurer and the Director of Public Works.


                General improvements were $2,000 in 2011 and will increase to $13,000 in the next year to repair existing issues.


                In the Equipment and Supplies of the Water Department, excavating was increased from $2,000 to $4,000.


                The Disposal Department added a section for the Waste Water Treatment Plant Project which will cost $655,500.


                Garbage and recycling pickup will remain the same in 2012.


                Under the income portion of the Budget, the Sewer bill collects are expected to increase 8% in 2012.


                The Income sections were reviewed.


                Moved by Koncel, seconded by Dunlap to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.  Time adjourned 9:16 p.m.


Kathy Cook

Deputy Clerk

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